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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Falling Leaves and Music

Really don't have time to post this morning so this is going to be a fast moving post that some will get and others will lose interest in and others will wonder if I really have a degree in English??

Leaves are falling and I finally get the song that my Grandma Mary played on the piano so often for me. Loved that song, finally get the falling leaves part. Up in NC for a few days and know that next time I return from Miami the leaves will be gone... blown away or frittered away, one by one and there will be bare trees and blue sky peaking through the barks of the trees. I'll be able to see sunset again through the trees and the church steeple in the morning light. For a tropical girl it's bizarre to see what looks like God put on camera lens for an artsy shot to get some good fall postcards out on the display racks at RDU.

I'm trying to figure out why Victoria Secrets can't get lipstick to stay on for more than fifteen minutes or is that the point... the kisses take the color away? Nice colors, they just don't stay on. And, the good ones dye your lips or create cracks and dry them out. How hard is this? Thinking it's become like the quest for the Holy Grail.

Worrying that the strawberry bath did not add red back into my hair. I'll be pissed but well what's done is done and it's not all that hard to undo if that is a problem.

Love buying Christmas decorations of stars that glitter and I hang then in the window, most are Stars of David anyway so that's the start of my holiday decorating. Cannot wait to see Macys on Miami Beach though know it was always better as Burdines.

Did you know they do not sell Evening Wear in Sears in Raleigh? This now explains why any "fancy" event I have ever gone to ...women are wearing boring duds that are one step up from what we would wear to Publix in Miami and I might take that in Miami we have hot chicks of all ages and Nationalities who dress better at Publix than they do here in North Carolina. What can you expect from any place that felt the need to put the word "North" in their name???

Chasing fall foliage pics instead of storms...this is what my life has come to?? Well, I do love color and weather.

Hoping to chase weather in a week or two in the Keys..anything will do.. a stray waterspout?

Tropically speaking models are actually developing something in late November in the Carib and am thinking it's that wave that rolled off of Africa seemingly blind and oblivious to the New Release that the Cape Verde Season ended. Bizarre but beautiful.

So, going to the gym on this gray day and going to dance my tropical blues away.

Fins look good with Thigpen...rhymes...enough with the Chads..........

Burn Notice was fun... Hawaii 5-O is fun and it's funny I am watching it with my special someone every week when it used to annoy the hell out of me.

Special someones abound it seems and I am blessed with people who are really special...something about special people that makes you just go with it and pray the insanity never ends.

Incredible song, a source of light and laughter and a melody that weaves in and out of your heart.

Time is funny....who would ever think that my son and the son of Manis would end up playing in the musical sandbox with the Marcus Boys... was obviously destiny.

And, destiny is funny. Live out your destiny. As a very ....difficultly annoying person once said... if you have a passion for something... go after it, do your passion, live your passion and you will be successful. Hate when they are right.

Poor Bobbi.... forever mixing up my pronouns...good thing I got that English degree when I was young before they messed up my grammar skills. Oh well... always got the A for content not for grammar...did I not??

Besos Bobbi

Ps...need a coat to go to the gym, hate wearing layers, cannot wait to get them off. Have to walk between the falling leaves, will the falling birch leaves make my hair more golden I wonder and Levi if you are reading this... I love you and my other sons and you too!


At 12:36 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

You watch Hawaii Five Oh!!!???

At 12:43 PM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

ya... it's one of those things you do .... watch something together and it's fun... not miami fun... not burn notice fun. nodding


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