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Monday, November 08, 2010

Nothing Tropical ... Lots that topical... musing

I think this pretty much says it all....

Though there is a tale that will be told out day by day, hour by hour, month by month as the days change from sunny to rainy to snowy to icy to a sunny day again. Weather always changes, it's reassuring, it's a lesson in life. Rainy days give way to bright sunny days when the flowers bloom bright and beautiful.

This is the time of the year when I branch out in my morning news surfing... Nothing tropical and don't really want to read too much topical on football ....though how bout that Brett Favre? Still has a bit left in him it seems.

I couldn't get onto to save my life ...overload from people all over the world checking in to look at photos from the Kinus (convention) in NY. So, I looked back through some pics from Purim of last year when I was in Crown Heights, snow was on the ground.. let me restate this... snow was ALL OVER THE GROUND as I was there for the now infamous "SnowCane" and I smiled. Of course, a few pictures more and I was back in Miami with pics from Lincoln Road with orchids hanging from trees and Rollerbladers rollerblading by.

So, am not going to write a review of this past Hurricane Season as it is not over until it is over and according to my calendar it is not over until November 30th and will think on it in a few weeks. It's always possible that moisture will bubble up down in the Carib and convect again but the Mid-Latitudes are a bit zonal these days, so zonal that the energy from Tomas is playing out the way the models showed it and he is going more west to east than off to Boston for the big windstorm they are having today. You think I only pay attention to Boston for the Red Sox??

Watch the beautiful, atmospheric ballet play out here:

So, today is a day for going through things, getting back on track and listening to some good music while watching the bright sunshine and think on taking a walk or just waiting to exercise at Zumba.

Today is a day for making seasonal vegetables like the Brussels Sprouts I bought still on the stalk yesterday and a nice big spaghetti squash and possibly throwing in a batch of apple pumpkin soup if I can find a good recipe online. When you hear music you have to dance, when you see fresh vegetables from the season in the market you have to enjoy them... everything has a season, a time in the sun. Some old poster comes to mind on a wall in a bedroom from years ago, to every season or something like that.

So.... watch the sats spin and see if something else spins up and if it doesn't... watch winter descend upon our beautiful land.

And, listen to music and enjoy the sunshine because tomorrow it may rain ...and rain too is a blessing :)

Besos Bobbi

Ps... as for the music... listening to my friend's sons singing and amazed at how much talent our kids have :)

You can buy the CD and hear it in excellent quality ...I'm listening while I work.


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