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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Is Virginie Forming SW of the Virgin Islands? And, Music and Mumbai

I know, it's November and fronts are marching across the United States and sunlight is lighting up the landscape outside despite a cold steady breeze but down in the Caribbean, in the heart of the Tropical Atlantic there is a system that is being watched by the National Hurricane Center to ... possibly develop. I've been watching it since it blew off the tail of Tomas a few days ago but didn't give it a high enough chance to mention it even here online. The NHC gives it a 10% yellow chance and models would take it NE out to the open Atlantic.

It is worth mentioning though... as is the fact that today is the last scheduled day of the Tropical Update on TWC so if you need a fix to watch it one last time this year...try and catch it. Personally, I think they will have to run a few more before the 2010 Hurricane Season is over.

I have a friend who loves to go in close up and personal while watching satellites... I mean talking loves to see the hairs on the back of the neck of each developing new cell. I like to sit back and take a wide view, look at the whole set up... probably some leftover part of the way I used to do International Relations... way back when. Everything is connected and I like to see the larger view. is my loop to watch the possibly developing storm in the Caribbean..

As for the larger world beyond the edges of the Wide Atlantic Water Vapor Loop Cyclone Jal has killed more than 30 people in India, far...far...far away but in that part of the world someone died who was some one's whole world and it is worth mentioning as we are all especially focused in the news these days on India.

You know... being a part of Lubavitch keeps me connected to the world as we are a worldwide movement and many of my closest friends over time have been from India. I had a best friend in LA who is now in Pittsburgh (we do move around a lot) and I have a close friend here now who is from Sri Lanka way of Canada. They are similar women but different but similar in their warmth, love of laughter and a funny sense of humor... love for their family and friends and their love of sharing. I am blessed to have been close to both of them. To me India is not a place far away in an Atlas but a place I understand better now then when I was a little girl growing up in Florida. Lord I loved to read an Atlas, all those maps and stories on climate and elevation :)

India is especially meaningful for me today as it is the anniversary of the passing ... of the murders of people who were killed in the Mumbai Massacre two years ago on what was Thanksgiving Day in America. Two years ago I was cooking a big meal for my big family while trying to get away and attend a Farbregen at Bais Menechem when my world was shattered with the news of what was happening in far away. But, not so far to me. A child was saved and his parents were killed...his mother was pregnant with the sibling he never knew when she was tortured and killed. Sorry to be a downer here but reality is reality.

Hurricanes are not as dangerous as terrorists and can be prepared for...terrorism claims victims who have no chance to run from the water or hide from the wind as the little boys nanny hid him from the terrorists before she ran for their lives. A pregnant mother tied up and bound and being tortured in front of her husband's eyes could not run and hide. They died. They were killed. Reality bites and that is the truth.

So, why do I bring this up today on my blog on the tropics? Because, everything in life is connected in some way... we are all connected, as a group of connected people we can do so much to make the world a better place. If we sit in our rooms and hide from the world we can't change the world and make it a better place.

How to change the world? Do acts of goodness and kindness. Give Charity...both of the monetary kind and of the kindness kind by our acts. Do a Mitzvah... a good deed... do it for yourself, do it for the people who were murdered in Mumbai in their memory. Each good deed begets a good deed, a smile begets a smile... give a smile away and you will get one back in return.

Do what you can.... send money to the victims of Haiti or to your local Synagogue or Church or to the Boyscouts of America or help work out at some community garden where the food is donated to people in need of food.

Make a difference in some one's world today... do it for me here in cyberspace as I need to know I made a difference beyond the world of the tropics and afternoon thundershowers that rain in both Miami and Sri Lanka :)

Something that explains who Rivky of the many murdered but the one I mentioned earlier.... a bit to understand what a good soul she was and why she should be remembered today and every day.

And, as for the musical part of this program... here is a song that was made to remember the people murdered at Mumbai and to raise money for their survivors by a group of people in NY in the Jewish Music Industry who made a difference... in the way they knew best as music breaks all barriers and brings joy even in sad takes us higher, it inspires... it inspired me, thank you for making it!

Besos Bobbi
Thanks for listening and getting off the proverbial soap box ... do a good deed today please!


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