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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Hurricane Tomas... again

Not really a remake as much as a Second Act or Third Act I suppose.. either way just noting the upgrade of Tomas back to Hurricane.


That was the headline I came home to tonight. Had a nice late night dinner out at a friend's house and have been reminded on facebook, in gmail and on my hurricane sites that we must change the clock back ...cept the only thing that needs changing is one old weather radio alarm clock and the microwave and I am not sure about the microwave. A few of my watches will be right once again as I rarely change them or look at them.. just use them for bracelets.

And, I am going to bed. Going to dream of Miami Dolphins dancing into the end zone in my sleep. No fumbles. No interceptions.

There is much discussion on Tomas circling the Caribbean like in a Conga line of one, but I find it hard to believe it won't be sucked up into the Atlantic or fall slowly apart and out of steam. Will see.

Either way... try not to worry... go to bed. Sleep.

Listen some storms are flops and some are Killer Canes. Tomas killed people in Haiti far 6 or 7 but am sure the number will be higher but it could have been much, much worse. Some storms go quietly into the night.. will see what the models say on Tomas but aside from his last blast of wind intensity and regaining the name (what is in a name??) not much more should happen, strike that.. will happen.

Sweet Tropical Dreams


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