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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yes or No? Develop or Not Develop? That is the question

Looks like it is getting set to ramp up

It's October.. it's a guessing game as usual. Trick or Treat.

Stay or go. North or West? East or NE?

Keep watching... it seems to be happening.

On the road today, will check in later if anything is important to say but we won't know for a good 24 hours what will be with this new possible system...'s a bye week for me... Fins lost. UM Lost. Gators Lost. FSU won... am not a happy camper here.... going to work on being happy.

It's been one of those seasons... it's not over but been one of those seasons.

Have a good Sunday. Going to be in the high 80s in my neck of the woods, that seems to say Indian Summer is in play and if so... anything goes with our new storm.

Besos Bobbi


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