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Monday, October 11, 2010

Paula Strengthening Rapidly... Hurricane By Morning?

Paula is an interesting storm and she could be a hurricane by the time we wake up tomorrow. She is so far forecasted to sit and lolligag around in the Carib before taking off in some direction...possibly Florida.. more probably Cuba but a lot depends on if a strong front were to come down... if the steering currents stay weak, a lot of IFs... don't like the way strong convection keeps moving off ahead of the storm because in theory if the steering currents are going to collapse that shouldn't be happening. Well... hard to tell and hard to predict October storms and October storms hit South Florida more than any other time of year.

The always great Skeetobite has his wonderful map that out does anything the NHC has out there.

On a personal level we have a family event up north this weekend and several members of the family need to leave Miami for the event and hoping Paula here will cooperate.

Will see in the morning.

Just saying... she is one fast developing storm, a joy to watch from a safe distance with dreams of Rita and Irene coming to mind and making me wonder what she has in her.

More tomorrow...

Some good discussion online by Jim Williams.


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