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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paula, Small, Compact Hurricane... eyes FL & Cuba

Most likely will shoot the straits and/or rain itself out over Cuba.

It can merge with a fast moving front that shears it apart more than merges with it...would be more like swallowing it whole as an appetizer or she could dance circles around in the Caribbean after raining over Havana and the Sea Wall and wandering her way through the windy, crooked streets of Havana east bound.

Tomorrow morning we should know better. Models yesterday screamed Cuba, today they are screaming Cuba and whispering the Florida Keys in the wind.

Climo would bring it north whereas November storms get shunted off to the ENE often.

Either way...shear will be strong as the front moves further south. And, this is a very small storm in that it's core was only about 10 miles wide earlier today. The smaller a storm is the faster it can spin up and the faster it can spin down.

Just have to wait and see.

Beginning to sound a lot like shooting the straits... time will tell and as ole Jimmy does so often Paula may be doing some Havana Daydreaming...

Enjoy the video...

Cuba...not Miami or West Palm Beach...

For tonight...this is the predicted path.. let's see what tomorrow brings.

Going to sleep with images of Havana dancing in my head...

Sweet Tropical Dreams



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