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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Paula and Morning Rain and Thunder

Nothing like waking up to morning rain and distant lightning moving in before daybreak. Love it!

It's pouring outside and taking a few minutes to add this...

Paula is a very weak storm, barely clinging to hurricane status and most likely will be downgraded before the morning is over. There is no green left on funktop, just red... red blob wandering a bit from the original path and about to wander it's way across Cuba or tracing the northern coastline.

Truth is most likely what is going to happen is that the upper level of the storm and the lower level of the storm are going to separate if Paula does indeed do Cuba. The weather associated with Paula most likely will continue to stream up into the South Florida area that will feel like they had a weak tropical storm but didn't. The circulation center may die out over the mountains or make it south into the warm Carib just south of Cuba and regenerate as Paula again or a new storm later in the week. OR.................she continues into the straits and meets up with the hunky cold front and zooms off into the Atlantic. The models seem pretty set on the Cuban solution...time will tell.

A strong cold front is diving down, a low off the coast of the Carolinas or Virginia will race up the coast as well... it's called W I N T E R moving in, showing his hand.

Keep watching...enjoy the day and it's an interesting mini-drama going on re: Paula who is a storm much like Irene. Years back there was a storm named Irene and that path was pointed out by many to be similar to this one... tho in that case the NHC insisted the center of Irene was going to do Naples and her weather center did South Beach and Homestead. Sort of dysfunctional storm so by the time that Irene and her other parts departed Florida there was a big clean up in the South Miami Area. Hopefully, when Paula does Cuba her weather mass won't make such a mess on South Beach. The Keys will get wind and rain...

As for me... watching the rain fall and waiting for the cool weather to move in so I can enjoy it before returning to the heat and lush humidity of Miami when this family party is over :)

Besos Bobbi
Ps...IF this storm does to Cuba and does do damage...look for Castro to spin this as some weather modification drama. Paula was supposed to go to New Orleans as a Category 4 storm but the United States modified it, weakened it and programmed it to move the length of the breadth of Cuba... news at 11... (rolling eyes) He's had reporters writing weather mod stories for a few years now... only in a Fascist, Communist Country can such stories be released with the blessings of the Government to blame America for a natural disaster. No words....


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