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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Force Field Up.... Models Show Tomas Turning North..

Well.. north after it hits Haiti and other islands possibly in it's track...

Not sure what we have done to be so lucky but will take the lucky streak and watch Tomas spin. Hope he does not bring too much havoc to Haiti as Lord knows they don't need any more.

Fins won, the household here is happy as hell on Halloween...about as happy as us Miamians can get these days.

Going to a party tonight, not a costume one but an engagement party for a friend's daughter and going to hang out with my daughter.

As for Tomas.. I suppose things could change but for now the models seem pretty set on a turn to the north.

Going to stay away from the youtube game just now as Proud Mary keeps on rolling is rolling through my head and hoping to save that one for Walt, if we get to Walt.. giggling... okay ya got me... I didn't realize the V name was Virginie...what is this the list from stalker hell lol roflmao.

Oh my... oh me.... oh my... when they gonna get around to a Hurricane Bobbi??

Besos Bobbi


At 10:23 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Thinking maybe the day they get around to Tropical Storm Sue, I knew there was a reason I got married on June 1st of 85, does that make me 51 or 52?? (ps.still want to spook-tick tock tick tock), but I won't, UNLESS I hear that damn IM door close again.
dezihsit-ROTFLMAO.. God I love word verifications! It my new OCD disorder.


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