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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Developing System in the Caribbean?? Agent 99?? NHC says 50/50 chances

Stay tuned. It has a nice little twist to it or more so... a shape, an arc like shape where you can see how it would, could, might come together over the next day or two. Models differ greatly on whether it will or whether it won't as well as track so they sent in Recon to see if this will indeed be Rico... aka Richard.

Just pointing it out while watching the loops, the soaps and going over some bills and avoiding writing ;) Okay I will do some writing soon. Just trying to relax and get back to normal after being busy and away with a Bar Mitzvah and family event.

So...bring on the tropics and let's see Agent 99 start spinning...

Be back with more information when he forms because I do think he quite seriously could form. Also, further out in the Atlantic is another system that is weak...a waywardly lost, late season Cape Verde Wave wandering it's way westbound across the Atlantic... got to love it's tenacity ;)

Besos Bobbi
Ps... the Carib Cane would wander aimlessly or pull north towards Florida . . .


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