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Monday, September 06, 2010

Tropics Labor Day Weekend...No Big Storms... Go Out and Play :)

With the exception of a fast forming tropical storm down in the Gulf that is debating on whether to go to Texas or Mexico there is not much out there and no excuse for you to be here reading this blog. Go out...have fun...take a drive, go for a walk, have a talk with someone you love or are out of touch with and lie on the grass and look up at the sky and enjoy the world.

Not going to blog much here on Gaston, as the NHC seems to have that one covered and it's Bill Read's favorite type of storm to worry on. Those that form fast, close in to land and make a bee line for land with little warning. If it intensifies much or stays out over water longer I'll write more. The rain from Gaston though should make it's way up through the heartland of the country and hopefully not add to any flooding problems as many areas in the heartland have had a problem with flooding this year. Some places can use the rain, others cannot. Headline below from the NHC's morning wake up call says it all:


Track below:


Gaston is still trying to get his act back together. As he can threaten a lot of places if he does, he still needs to be watched. Any storm that lingers around and refuses to die is often the storm you never forget. He will either continue limping west towards Central America or he will develop and do something funky and memorable (think Katrina, Andrew) or he will never amount to much and we will see this name again one day. But, since he is not into an early recurvature I would continue to watch him and check back in tonight after a really nice Labor Day and check out where he is... don't got much else to do tropically speaking unless you live along the Tex-Mex border.

And, lastly.... there is a beautiful wave exiting Africa that should become the I storm and I like that wave... but it's so far away and no way in hell am I am posting a Carpenters Tune here so just remember I said... it's a beautiful wave.

Go out and play...have a great Labor Day. As for me... am shopping, possibly cooking, getting ready for the Jewish New Year and it's assorted guests and events. Looking forward to a few quiet days to rest and spend with friends and family or just lying in my bed, staring up at the sky out the window and thinking on life...or not thinking..

Go out and play... find a cute place that does brunch or lunch or make a BBQ.

Besos Bobbi ;)
Ps Look how fast Hermine formed and look at my beautiful I wave ....


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