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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tropical Storm Julia & 150 MPH Hurricane Igor

Just a brief note to say that Julia was officially born tonight, or given a name...however you look at it.

Igor is a monster... strong.... amazing.... massive Category FOUR Hurricane that is five mph short of a Category FIVE and most likely IS a Category Five but they are going to wait longer... to see what happens over night and what's five mph anyway?

They had to name Julia before the next BIG wave comes off and gets a name and so that they could put up Tropical Storm warnings for the Cape Verde Islands... go figure..

Right now all the talk is on recurve for Igor...

Do I believe it?

Not yet.

Know why?

Because so far nothing has tugged him north and tho he is forecasted to move west he is going just south of due west... similar to Earl who was hell bent in going further west than the forecast. Would love to see him curve... just don't see it. There is enough north of him now that he should be feeling a tug to the wnw at least and in stead he is going just south of due west...

So... going to have to wait a few days to see for sure that he catches his ride out into the big Blue North Atlantic...

More tomorrow... just something to think on...

Sweet Tropical Dreams.. Bobbi


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