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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Tropical Storm Igor Forms, Gaston is Gaston.. ... .. Inland Flooding from Hermine

Tropical Storm Igor has formed in the Far Atlantic and is going to move west... west towards either a date with Central America or a retread of the Earl Track...or it is possible that it could recurve further west but not going to make my brother happy and say Florida even though it would make him smile.

Seriously... it approaches the Leeward Islands and then we will see what we will see. For the time being he is westbound.

Gaston is Gaston.. like that constantly annoying child who disturbs the class yet is not quite bad enough for the teacher to expel... just suspend frequently.

And...sadly Hermine IS doing the Inland Flooding that I expected her to do and people have already died in Texas because of it. There is not enough early warning and discussion on this danger and somehow it MUST change. The National Hurricane Center is SEXY it seems and the National Weather Service is NOT. The NHC coverage of which beach gets a storm gets high media attention... the NWS weather discussion is buried somewhere behind want ads and OP Eds. Time and time again we have some system like this who is a real wash out from the point of landfall and a BIG WASH OUT inland that floods homes, roads and washes cars off of roads with people still in them.. This needs to change. They go somewhere after landfall with it. it's doing Oklahoma after doing Texas ..and neither needs more rain...and will continue moving inland with heavy rain.

Ironically there may be more damage from Hermine in dollar amounts in the US than from Earl with all of his associated media hype.

As for me.. I'm taking the next few days off for the Jewish High Holy Days. That means I'll have friends over, we will eat sweet, delicious food and talk politics, weather and life. I'll be back Saturday night and we will see where Mr. Igor is then he should be threatening something somewhere unless he follows old Uncle Earl out to sea.

From my house to yours... Happy Jewish New Year! May this usher in a year of peace and love and happiness...and creative productivity.

Note..doesn't my Upside Down Apple Noodle Pudding look a little like a Cane ;)

Ps... my brother just called to let me know that the Sun Sentinel JUST texted him BREAKING NEWS ...and I quote.. "MONSTER IGOR FORMS IN THE ATLANTIC" well well..seems the hype machine is alive and well ;)


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