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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Igor... Still West Bound

song of the day:

Got so much to say this morning, so many words rattling around in my brain... but am not going to say them...going to take a shower, full power nozzle, clear out the cobwebs from my brain and take back control today.. TODAY.

Used to know a guy who went by a strange name (yes this is a riddle but no it is not a limerick) and his name was Pete. Pete Travel. Pete knew his weather and he knew his traveling. He had a friend.... sort of like a twin soul, brother from a different mother and he also predicted weather for those people who take jobs shipping stuff overseas.... transatlantic shipping not the kind you need flyover rights for and trust me you got to be good to get that stuff from point A to point B without it getting tangled up with what is at point C (Cane) which could bring us back to Ed and Geometry and all the names that rhyme with Ed. But ...this is not a lesson in grammar or math, it is a lesson in life.

Old Pete had a gift... a real gift for picking out which town on which coast would get a storm within FIFTY MILES when it was still a small rainstorm over Africa. No sorry charlie "give or take 200 miles on day 5" like the NHC does but they are not as colorful as Pete. Well... a few are ;) anyway.... I do wonder in ways what he is thinking on Old Igor though he may be too wrapped up in his current projects to worry as he ain't shipping freight anymore if you get my drift.

So... am gonna take a Hall Pass on this one and cut class today and not blog a normal blog and not do math or english or even history and take a shower, go to the gym to my stretch slash ballet slash yoga class and then do some power shopping.. might even give up and buy the fancy Victoria Secrets Bra where you don't have to worry on if the straps are right or not. You know...go for the gold.

Returning the Rumor Touch, don't like it... I mean seriously I cannot deal with my emails and txts being displayed on the phone's face as they are not all about Igor. Good name for a movie ....don't you think? All About Igor.

All about Igor is this...he is headed west... with slight joggles in his general movement, for a while he looked like he might be headed wnw but now he he back to west. You tell me. Eventually I PROMISE YOU like Pete promised weather predictions... he will go north but where I cannot say. He is today, one of the most beautiful hurricanes I have ever seen and he is still ....thankfully....too far away to hurt anyone and he has enough running room that he most likely will miss the islands.

Is that the most perfect looking storm you have ever seen??

Now the question is whether not he will or won't hit England.... will leave that for PTravel to worry on as we are no longer worrying on things that go bump in the night in the Mid-Atlantic.

Taking a shower and it's not gonna be alone ;) and going to check back later to see if Igor has snifted out that weakness in the ridge and if he is or isn't going to take a road trip north. More later...stay tuned... got me priorities.

For my friend I like to call Rebbetzen Doubtfire... smiling and friggin thankful to be alive while sitting next to you when you were not focusing on the road because you were smiling so much... wickedly right... but then again you can drive with your eyes closed like a fish can swim.

You tell me which way Igor is going??

Oh...and Julia is still out there... fate uncertain...depends on Igor and the dreaded K storm may form in the Carib today... boy are they lined up all at the same Latitude.

Besos Bobbi
Ps go take 2 aspirin and you know where to find me


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