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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Earl ---- Things I worry on

12 hours ago...notice the changes

The front looks weak in the middle, bottom part getting wild... top...but part we need not.

Waiting on reinforcements from the frontal boundary behind the lead one...

Worried on the fact that recon found the pressure dropping like a rock... 9 mb??? Winds won't show that yet, but if this is not trying to go Cat 5... I don't know what is a Cat 5... recon flying around God Bless Them...

932 mb currently...

Worried that we may have a Cat 5 developing and when people wake in the morning they will be in shock.... and denial sets in.

Worried some sort of small upper level low is forming around sc/nc inland... will that affect track in any way?? Even temporarily?

Worried the track won't verify, I tell myself it will and they know what they are doing. It works usually.

Awesome of the most amazing storms I have ever seen.

Check out Dvorak... almost perfect donut...

Loop it...


Worried Gaston and Hermine (over Africa still) won't stay out to sea...but will leave that for another day.

See what they say at 11... big, hard night at the NHC ... a lot of tough calls to make.



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Great blog Bobbi!!

-Skip Wiley


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