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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get Ready for Tropical Storm Earl

The wave in the far Atlantic should be upgraded at 11 to Tropical Depression Status as it's looking more like a well put together Tropical Storm by every hour that passes.

Danielle Drama continues as she stair steps her way across the Atlantic before an eventual pull out for the open Atlantic. A small chance she could get caught up in dead steering currents for a few days and create some nice surf off the the Mid Atlantic States but she is most likely something Bermuda will have to deal with down the road.

Earl is another story. A lot depends on how strong Danielle gets.

Think of Danielle like a big bull doing big damage in a china shop known as the Bermuda High. A strong, intense Danielle cuts a bit path way that allows Earl to follow. A weak messy Danielle cuts a smaller hole and goes slower and keeps Earl further south and depending on a lot of IFs some models show Danielle missing the trof and waiting for the next trof or ticket out of town.

It's a very transitional time in the tropics right now.. cold fronts are finally flowing again and I know that as I have the windows open. Next week I will have the AC turned up all the way again as the heat will be back.

And, behind Earl is a very beautiful system that will most likely become Fiona. But, for today enjoy the beauty of Earl or TD 7.

Remember something... Danielle is 1,926 miles from Miami right now still... far, far away. Even further from the Carolinas.

If that is not a tropical storm behind Danielle I don't know my stuff... going to be an interesting day, an interesting week...

So stay tuned because with Earl on the horizon and Fiona behind him.. we got a lot of tracking to do...

Danielle will cause some drama but think we can safely say she will not bother Florida or the Carolinas though a real small sliver of a chance she can bother the Northern Atlantic Coast .. way Northern..

Earl... and Fiona need to be watched carefully but again Danielle will help write their story like ghostwriters ;)

Besos Bobbi

Beautiful song.... doesn't really relate to Earl but relates to me and am sure someone here can relate to it as well...


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