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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Tropical DEPRESSION 2 Makes Landfall a TD.... Bonnie will be used elsewhere

Well, Tropical Depression 2 did it! It made landfall in South Texas as a Tropical Depression, no last minute burst of energy like the scene in Dr. Strangelove. Good call (as always) by the NHC for keeping it a TD and not hyping the system like some on air weather forecasters have been doing.

Nope... just a depression which is all it really was and is and will be on the books.

A good sign was the lack of even tropical storm warnings for the area. A simple "heads up" and validation of something there more than a cluster of thunderstorms.

The search for Bonnie goes on.

My brother Ronnie's birthday is July 21st. He would like a storm named Bonnie as a birthday present. Just posting it here.... so you all can be aware what wishes my family wishes for on their birthday. Hey, he was born in the year of Betsy in Miami, it's in his blood... he was just a baby. I stood by his crib, bored to death with the TV off, power out playing with the little springs on his crib like it was a pin ball machine without anything going tilt but my mother "STOP DOING THAT!!!" as if like I could hurt him or something???

Anyways...............the search goes on and Texas gets some rain...

I love a rainy night... would love to lie awake listening to the rain and watching the lightning light up the sky :) (Thank you Music Man for this CD I am listening to called "Weather Songs" <3 puts a smile on my face every time)

Besos Bobbi

So long TD 2...........................


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