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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Pictures from North Miami Beach... as Bonnie moves in...

Amazing ... North Miami Beach on The Weather Channel...

Nice pics... nice night... strong warm, velvety wind whips around the tops of the condos and showers race by like they are on the spokes of a wheel.

Stores busy tonight. Sitting cozy in Golden Beach area... staring out at the sky through big sliding glass doors... and occasional streak of lightning goes jagged like across the sky. Local coverage tries to explain why Bonnie keeps being adjusted north and when the "worst of it" will be tomorrow.

Miami is in love with storms like this... small, weak tropical storms.. all the hype and flavor without too much trouble. Drive time tomorrow morning should be a mess. The sun should be out by the weekend.

I do think this is a prelude to a much stronger storm later in the Fall for Miami.. time will tell but we are in the flow set up wise and unless something changes I wouldn't be surprised if a much stronger storm came this way...

For tonight... hunkered down with kids who are hanging out and chilling and watching Bonnie on radar and watching the lightning light up the sky.

Either she intensifies or gets downgraded... that's my guess. And, expect to see that track pulled back to the north a bit more as Bonnie is being pulled more to the north around the flow of the Upper Level Low and it's an interesting storm... that's all I'll say. Each in it's own way is interesting.

Miami is amazing. Breakfast at Bayside this morning and hunkered down for a Hurricane Party tonight... low key party, no liquor... lots of cherries and designer water ;)

Sweet Tropical Dreams... Bobbi

Everyone stay safe.


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