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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Tale of Two Groundhogs... When Will It Be Spring?

I guess it depends on which little groundhog you prefer... the traditional Puxatony Phil made famous in the Bill Murray movie or General Beauregard Lee in Jo-ja who lays claim to being the infamous Southern groundhog. Okay, Puxatony was on the map before the movie but everyone now remembers the movie. General Beuaregard Lee conjures up groundhogs living on golf courses with magnolia trees and Spanish moss ..

And, seriously why would one day in Puxatony predict weather for the whole United States? I mean come on, it does not take a brain surgeon to figure that a ground hog in Alaska (which is pretty close to that part of Pennsylvania snow wise) is going to see his shadow and a Groundhog raised down in Georgia is probably only going to see Azalea's beginning to bloom. I mean... Aren't we really saying if snow is on the ground... keep dreaming on Spring?

Do we really need the Groundhog? And, ever notice how that little groundhog in Pennsylvania always looks like he is being shlepped around by the guy in the up north old fashioned clown suit? I mean I've seen times where the men are all gathered around in their long coats and top hats and the groundhog looks like he wants to bite them rather than pose for pictures. What kind of people wake up a groundhog for a photo op?

Now the one down south with the ground is barely frozen looks a whole lot healthier, happier and well he looks ready to roll if you ask me..

I never really understood Groundhog Day. In Miami we always see our shadow and it's not really winter. What does shadow have to do with weather forecasting? It's all locational it seemed to me. Turns out Groundhog Day is sort of a big hoax, it is really a Celtic festival that supposedly has pre-Celtic roots called Imbolic. People light up the sky with fires and dance in a circle, some sort of "make it stop snowing" snow dance. It's a spoke on the Calendar. It's that point in mid-winter or the end of winter (depending on where you live) that you can soon expect to see Tulips pushing up through the snow. A sign of Spring down the road, you have turned the corner so to speak...

Course it's a Snow Day in the Triangle today as the State of North Carolina spends more money trying to bust people for moonshine than they do clearing the streets from a half a foot of snow that fell four days ago. Yes siree.. the kids in Durham are on a 3 day SNOW DAY Pass while they play away their Spring Vacation which will be much shorter this year and possibly non-existant if we get snow again. But, no they were out busting the Willie Nelson show gang that rolled into town with small amounts of weed and moonshine. I think they busted the owner of the place also, this was not just a bust on some of Willie's band members. And, the people in Kenansville are not worried on how this is going to hurt the booking of future rock acts who will I imagine be carrying a lot more than a little bit of moonshine. But, we all have our priorities don't we? Getting kids back in school and people back at their jobs where they can make money and clearing streets of snow or busting people who are not buying liquor from the State Liquor stores. Seems to me they have their priorities a bit mixed up personally, do you know how many kids up here were probably out partying last night, smoking weed in the snow and drinking moonshine because they could stay out late as there was no school? Hmmmmmmmn...

As for the Groundhogs... it all depends on your point of view? Do you believe in cute American myths? Celtic Legends? The Caleb guy from the Almanac? Or your local weatherman or girl on the television. Spring is coming, but for now we got lots of snow up here still and in Miami it's a bit chilly at night and I would venture to guess that until the Sub-tropical Jet slows up and El Nino stops playing games we will have a few more strong storms and some late season snowfall somewhere. It's just that kind of year. Not that I don't love Spring, I do... can't wait but if I am going to watch a rat singing you can bet your ass it's going to be the Rat Pack not some little tired, sleepy looking hairy rodent that looks like he wants to bite the people who dragged him out for some photo shoot!! Where is Peta when you need them???

As for me.. I am off to the gym where I will watch the snow melt while doing some stretch class.. Have a great day...Spring is coming, trust me... you don't need no groundhog to tell you that...

Besos Bobbi


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