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Friday, September 04, 2009

Watching Erika Remants Spin but...Where Would She Go?

That is my question for the day...

See the loop:

Hostile out there, really... not a friendly view of the tropics. Even in the image above you can see the shear shooting of towards the remnants of Erika.

Interestingly enough the Tropical Update out of the NHC this morning showed equal odds for the remnants of Erika and the once vigorous waves off of Africa. Seems he went from "vigorous" to "still has the potential" in the 8 AM Outlook... Wow, that's harsh. Sort of like saying "he has a good personality..."

Anyways, lots of trackers out there up watching waves, as I said in my blog last night... whether by the light of the laptop shining in the dark or at the NHC with all those big screen computers, trackers are up watching waves... and they will continue to do so all Labor Day Weekend.

As for me.. I am making stuffed peppers for tonight with Yukon gold mashed potatoes. My friend is at Folly Beach, not being bothered by Erika or Fred it seems and she is a happy camper! Trying to figure out how and when to get down to Charleston or up to Savannah for a little vacation myself...depends where I am at any given time. And, on Sundays for the time being..real soon.. I will be in front of the TV watching football! Dolphins won last night...YAY. A win is a win. A wave is a wave and a remnant low is a possibility.

If it's early September and you can't find me or I am not reading my email, you know where I will be. Hurricane City. Why? Cause they are tracking, talking and discussing the tropics 24/7 for the next month or two.

Proof...names deleted for anonymity

Radar shows center over Antigua - Today, 12:47 am
Re: Radar shows center over Antigua -, Today, 1:34 am
Re: Radar shows center over Antigua - , Today, 1:49 am
Two LLC's at 5:57UTC, Sep 4th - Today 2:04 am
Re: Two LLC's at 5:57UTC, Sep 4th - Today, 3:30 am

Posts made last night... posts I read this morning before sipping my coffee or reading email. Such a group, great group of people there for one reason and one reason only... tropical weather!

This song is stuck in my mind, odd song.. my ex-husband liked it. Except I keep thinking the words are

"talking about the boys from Hurricane City" lol..

Hey...truth is Erika looks exactly the same way she did for the last several days when we tracked her as a Storm and a Depression... keeps blowing green bubbles on funktop and keeps spinning on the morphed composite...s

So...going to sit a bit at Hurricane City and watch Jim, Jac, Jack, Doorman and Target shoot the tropical breeze for all to see and watch those loops spin and maybe... I'll listen to my Footloose CD today. That was my favorite 80s musical, much more my style.. always loved farmboys and cowboys and good ole boys from Bird Road!

Did I mention the models are playing with Erika too??? Seems no one can take their eyes off....oh lord, I need to go take a shower, drink some coffee and do some email.
Stop playing on youtube while watching loops ...

allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">

Hey, you know...hard to ignore a guy like Lex.. he was always trying to control the far ahead of his time ;) Control the weather and you have the ULTIMATE power economically and politically... why do you think we were studying meteorology for a degree in International Relations, hmmmmmmnnnn

Model link:

I am taking a shower and NOT posting a link to Psycho!! And, by the way...have not even GONE THERE about that movie with the psycho scene that did in the reporter and the hunky weather guy and how the weather girl takes a bullet in the arm trying to ...well... really, was that necessary????? No words. I have a long memory when it comes to some things it seems...

Chow for now.. Bobbi



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