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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tropical Rain in NC, Falling Leaves & Durham Bulls Win Triple A Title Game!!

It's raining off and on in North Carolina this morning, as a thin but constant feed of moisture moves inland from the Ocean, up through the Piedmont and Coastal Plains and the always memorable Sandhills. It's a warm, tropical rain unlike when it comes from the other direction and feels cold and nasty. Birds are chirping and there was localized fog at the end of the cul-de-sac this morning. Leaves are turning yellow, dropping across the lush green carpet of grass and I got rain from Fred! Let's call it a homeopathic formula of rain but it did blow in from the ocean, from the remnants of Fred.

Now what would be the question to ask next?

Well... I don't know. As Eric Blake said in this morning's 2 AM Tropical Weather Outlook.. "the tropics remain unusually quiet for September and tropical cyclone formation is not expected during the next 48 hours." Jack Beven said even less in his curt 8 AM Tropical Weather Outlook "FOR THE NORTH ATLANTIC... CARIBBEAN SEA AND THE GULF OF MEXICO... TROPICAL CYCLONE FORMATION IS NOT EXPECTED DURING THE NEXT 48 HOURS."

So, who am I to argue with the tropical brilliance of Eric Blake and Jack Beven?

Ain't nothing happening folks...

A tropical wave out at sea in unfavorable conditions and a possible, quasi question in the Gulf of Mexico in a few days...

Fall is settling in here in North Carolina. Yellow leaves abound on trees as if by magic. I wake up and notice them every morning, more and more. The weakly attached ones fell off in last night's storm and fall like yellow butterflies fluttering towards the water soaked ground. Mums and pumpkins vie for center stage at the Grocery Stores and the Durham Bulls won the AAA championship. Hey, listen if you are going to be stuck in a town without a major ball league you may as well be stuck in a town with the most famous minor league team around ;)

(...still not quite sure why they played in Oklahoma City other than wanting to do up Brick Town but I'm sort of new to minor league baseball....)

And, gave up on the local Victoria Secret's and went online to their wonderful site and bought some great new sweaters for fall!!

So, don't know what to tell you.

Mt. Ranier was rumbling. Atlanta is digging out. Falling leaves are falling and I am wondering if I can become a fan of the Carolina Hurricanes this point, that may be all the hurricane action I will get this year.

But... possibly there will be an October storm. Been thinking that most of the season. A late season anomaly where conditions become ripe for just a day or two and a storm catches a front moving into South Florida. Planning on catching it... personally, in my new cute indigo shirt ;) (is that sooo me????)

Besos Bobbi

Hope if the rain is falling on you today it's soft and gentle tropical rain


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