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Monday, September 07, 2009

Tropical Depression #7 - Alive at 5pm ...

The system off the coast of Africa, will be upgraded at 5pm to a Tropical Depression. It's consistently managed to hold onto convection and it spins.

It walks, it swims, it talks... it says, "Here I am!"

Probably will be upgraded to Fred.

Early models show it curving up the Atlantic but that's a distant scenario and I don't jump on early bandwagons, I like to hear what the candidate has to say for himself.

So, for now...from very beautiful and rainy North Carolina... I bring you Fred:

A note on the rain is WARM and very tropical. This is not the rain that I felt when the cold front went through, it's warm... and there is a pervasive sense of humidity in the air. It's apparent on radar it has a spin but the NHC seems want to ignore it as it is too close to the coast...affecting the coast, flooding in some areas. Nice here though... I walked in it a little while earlier. Steady, straight down rain. I did hear though it was windy and wavy at the beach...

More later tonight as there is more information on TD7.

Chow for Now... Bobbi


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