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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

One of those Days... Fred Far Away, Gray & Nice here... Listening to WQAM sports talk

Not much to say about Fred that has not been said. He is stronger than they expected and may get stronger still. Stronger he gets the faster he sails off to see the world, or the North Atlantic.

Area off the Carolinas delivered strong, warm rain and a nice breeze. The air doesn't move much in Raleigh, tho I imagine when a cold front blows through it will blow quite hard.

And, listening to WQAM sports talk on the incredible Miami Hurricanes win last night. Yes, I am still enjoying it...and will for days.

And, listening to birds tweet and twitter as they play on the feeder outside.

And...the Miami Hurricanes are rated... #20 in AP Poll, very cool. Like a storm getting a name and an advisory ;)

Love you all... more later, when and if something big happens with Fred.


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