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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Nothing in the Tropics, Mystical, Musical, Meteo

Sitting here thinking on the lack of hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin and on the reasons ... and those mostly are numbered by explanations of El Nino and it's many assorted conditions that it spawns and yet are not totaly understood.

El Nino.
low water temps in atlantic..oh gee... energy is in the pacific (duh)
TUTTs really big... wind patterns change from El Nino
Shear...El Nino
weak waves... yes and no, they hit a wall of shear

Etc, etc.... you can probably chalk it up to a low incidence of sunspots or the democrats being in charge of the White House again.. G Rays from Mars that have gone unnoticed and a million other reasons but seriously... El Nino IS the BIG CAT.

He is the legendary of Cane Killer or rather he puts a spell on the Atlantic and it falls asleep into a deep slumber waiting for it's poppy seed spell to wear off and when it does, wham, bam ..thank you maam La Nina sprinkles CDO dust into the waves and they begin to spin, and swirl and move west unimpeded towards the American Coast.

Actually, El Nino should be considered a hero... a Super Hero, up there with Superman and Aquaman and Batman.

Guess El Nino is one cool cat if you hate hurricanes... and if you are a tracker you toss your pencils into the garbage, kill your favorite links and sit around looking sad like someone took away your favorite summer and fall toy ...

Blame it on the moon, Blame it on Rio....Blame it on El Nino...

El Nino is like ....

notice thunder from finger tips in second part... love this...

So, when I get depressed... I start to watch CATS and stare and watch my life kaliedscope around in bits and pieces of jagged glass that sing various songs and swirl like broken tropical storms...

I follow College football or politics or take up a hobby, anything to stop me from finishing my novel..

(IHOP has football shaped waffles?? Just looked up at TWC commericials...ewww way too many carbs...I want to feel like I went to IHOP I'll just put some maple in my coffee...and no no no Bobbi do NOT go THERE)

So, the point of this wandering post this morning is... there isn't much to watch in the Tropical Atlantic Basin today.

Enjoy the beach if you've got it. Today would be a great day to be at Bayside or on the Pier at Haulover or at the old arcade where you could play pinball that used to be across the street from it and it's gone now like I am.

I'm going to a friggin barbeque today...

So, Jay if you are out there in Greece... light a candle for me, pretty please. I put December 4th on my google calendar lol and Sue if you are reading this... wink at the ocean for me next time you go and smile when you get some coffee on Lincoln Road and well... Rob, if you are reading this... lay off the carbs and fat and take care of health you great big, piece of ...well, I mean you are the one who said that you were... Oh Bobbi please don't go THERE lol... lol...

Health and wealth to all my friends and may you be surrounded by people you love, flowers and trees and the song of the sea..

Always Bobbi

Ps...if you really NEED to watch something spin... watch the TUTT in the Atlantic, it sort of kind of looks like a hurricane if you make your eyes go blurry want to make believe.. ya always.

Not my favorite Steve Martin performance, prefer Leap of Faith

King Tut, Live Steve 1979


Don't you just love subplots that are so often forgotten except for those who cannot forget...


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