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Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day & The Tropics, Red Alert For FRED & Low off the Carolinas

Fred below?? Maybe...

Okay, it's Labor Day. So, often Labor Day Weekend reminds many of hurricanes. Saturday night I was talking to someone about one storm, someone was talking here yesterday about Floyd's anniversary and everyone in South Florida or the Keys thinks... Labor Day Hurricane of 1935.

This year we are lucky, the BBQs and parades can go on and beach cities everywhere can make good money before shutting down for the fall and winter. Okay, might be some rain off the coast of the Carolinas where there is a low forming and moving in bringing gray days and possible rain.

Afternoon thundershowers in Florida... but, hey there are always afternoon thunderstorms in the summer in Florida..

But, still... we lucked out for Labor Day.

For me.. I gave birth to a little boy 20 years ago this Labor Day weekend, thought it was cute to go into Labor on Labor Day...

A Wicked looking Cape Verde storm is forming off the Cape Verde coast but most of the models make it a fish storm... going out to sea. Could be, but I do believe Ana and Bill were originally thought to be fish storms and both did affect land in some way or another so keep watching. With the set up in the Atlantic currently it would be amazing to see it swim this far west though.

Nice tight looking circulation yesterday, losing some tightness and convection today but still, it does have a red circle. Red for Fred.

And, off the coast of the Carolinas there is a small, low that is forming and will move in or up along the coast. Doubt it will get strong enough or tropical enough to be Fred and steal the F name from the African Wave ... odder things have happened but as it is yellow and not red, think Fred may be so far away across the Ocean.
As for me and the soap opera that is my life... I finally found a place where I could feel like I was almost home and have some incredible, freshly brewed Cuban Coffee.

Very nice, beautiful, clean, friendly place...good music too!

In Cary, North Carolina there'a nice little restaurant inside with pictures of Cuba, cigar brands, Varadero Beach and cigar box displays. You don't have to sit outside, not sure why they don't show the pics, it was very cute and sat and sipped my cortadito, can't vouch for the food as I only eat kosher meat but looked incredible and just right. They do have salads and incredible well. A few people had told me about it in passing but it far exceeded anything anyone said. And, I just sipped the cortadito and it was like nectar from the Gods, nirvana...she even made it strong the way I like it!

As for Fred and the Coastal Low... here is a little listening music for your loops, special for Fred...if he is out there playing with his mouse and listening to music today.

Bonus area to watch... in Bay of Campeche down near Mexico ;)

(hey.... see, I do have a sense of humor :P )


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