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Monday, September 21, 2009

Dolphins Lose and So Does Fred

The NHC has refused to comment on his existence even though he is still an identifiable entity that made it all the way across the Atlantic. That really is pretty amazing, all in all. And, somehow if it rains on me in a few days coming in from the east I will laugh... I will smile... and I will know that in some homeopathic way that rain came from Fred and far away Africa..

But, the NHC has refused to mention it and the other wave far out to it's east that is very noticeable on the wide open Atlantic satellite image.

Time of Possession is just not all it's cracked up to be I suppose. Time and time again I have been told, possess the ball and you win the game. The team that wears down it's opponent and slowly moves the ball will win the game. Sounds simple. Of course, I didn't believe that growing up because I had seen Namath score fast and Marino do his 14 point two minute drill and numerous other come from behind Quarterbacks who combined with some lightning fast run back after a kick off or watch a lone wolf safety intercept the ball and run the length of the field for 7 fast points... bringing a team that had been behind to sudden victory.

Tonight, the Miami Dolphins controlled the ball and lost the game. They won the battles and lost the war. And, Fred who has managed to stay intact the whole way from Africa after putting more time on the clock tropically is losing the war. Fun to watch his remnants though, not much else to watch.. don't think it will do any real damage to once every few hours look over and chuckle to myself for Fred's sake. Hey, I even read one wild scenario online where he stalls out under a massive high and sits over warm water and slowly regains his energy, moving a bit to the SW even ... talk on strange scenarios in a tropically dull September ..

But, it's not really that dull meteorologically or weather wise as a massive slow moving system that has produced one cell after another that has trained over and over and rained nonstop across the Southeast like some never ending Chattanooga Choo Choo.

Really not funny, just doesn't end. People have died, small children... cul de sacs have turned into flooded out ponds and insurance may not cover most people's losses and there is nothing worse than a flood and they can happen anywhere... and disasters follow us wherever we go and we can't escape them. We can run from earthquakes and run from hurricanes and then have training rain storms flood us out of everything we have worked so hard to build and worked so hard to hold on to...

It has to be some sort of lesson that what is most dear to us isn't what can be taken away by floods or storms but that which is in our heart and minds and which remain over time forever.

Friendship, love and good will is sometimes all we have left when the rain doesn't stop falling.

Some links to more stories on the rains in the Southeast...,0,970475.story

My prayers for all those in pain from the rain falling still in Georgia, Tennessee and other parts of the South.

Night.. Bobbi


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