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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Fred.... Remembering Frederic 30 Years Later

The above is a beautiful picture of a beautiful but VERY destructive hurricane that hit the Gulf Coast 30 years ago with the now retired name Frederic. Note, do not piss off Hurricanes by taking the K away from their name. Not sure why they do that but well they did and was a messy cane in a year messy with canes.

1979. Big year for memorable canes.

Unlike 2009 which is a slow year for canes.

Nothing happening in the tropics today except for oddly Fred who though not in the official tropical update is still out there moving west, noticeable on sat imagery and he will probably rain on my brother's parade in Miami after he crosses the Bahamas. Could he spin up? Yes. Will he? Probably not. But, if my brother gets rained on in Opa Locka on Monday or Tuesday, will probably be from rain that came from Africa inspired by Fred somewhere out in the Mid-Atlantic.

There are some possible chances for storms to form in the Carib later next week as what would feel like an October storm would come calling in late September as we are meteorologicaly a bit ahead of time this year.

As for me.. I am going shopping and looking for inspiration for Rosh Hashona which is coming up in my play book this weekend. Making pineapple upside down noodle kugel (pudding) and sweet potato pie and yellow rice. Honey baked Chicken with apricot sauce and garnished with orange slices. And, whatever inspiration I found in Krogers or wherever I end up. Fresh Market can be such a food muse...

And, looking at boots. But the only boots I see I like I already own in my closet, talk about having strong tastes. Will see. Maybe fringe to go with my new purse..

Enjoy a quiet weekend to reflect on how good your life is this year at the peak of the hurricane season of 2009!

And, look back at 1979... a horse of a different color...

Besos Bobbi open to suggestions for something to buy from the wonderful Victoria Secrets online site..


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