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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NHC Issues Statement, Recon Goes Back In to Find Danny... Developing...

Yes, today is D Day. Wednesday. Danny Day!! A few days back the models said Wednesday was the day and indeed it is and if this becomes Danny in a few hours I will be a big believer in the models this year. Not talking about the track but model's predicting development from murky, messy systems like this. And, really am tired of discussing possible tracks for an unnamed wannabe storm that will be called Danny, probably later today. IF it doesn't form now.. don't see it doing it.

But, I see it ..on visible. See above... not much convection wrapped but you can see it. And, now I am a believer :) Singing Monkees this morning... I'm in love, I'm a believer!!

Okay seriously, 1966 was a very big year in my life. I was young, very young.. living over in the most wonderful, crummy little neighborhood in the world called "Bird Road" lol and walking to Junior High past the driving range and picking up golf balls and getting snacks at Dixie Ranger or waiting for the guys to go over and get snacks at Dixie Ranger. Old Miami... Khoury League Baseball games, watching the boys play and tracking hurricanes. But, boy was that an annoying year for Miami and storms. Alma went that way... Inez went that way the other way, then back and we barely got a breeze. Not sure if we even got off school! And, Faith was a fish and swam out to sea. After the golden years of 64 and 65 that brought us Cleo and Betsy we got stood up by hurricanes...and we tracked and listened to Amos and Andy on the Radio doing their weather shtick and the Miami News had the best hurricane map in town, free in the newspaper. Fun year, made good friends... friends I am still friends with today, go friggin figure. And, we sat in drama and sang stupid songs from the Monkees in spite of knowing how silly and stupid it all was, they were our Beatles... we were just that age... love the Monkees still. Some things never change...

So, the NHC is going back in one more time and we are waiting for breaking news from the NHC so until it comes... I will go with this post and leave you this song and tell you this is as good as I have seen it look since we began looking.

Track? Somewhere up the coast.. which coast, not sure and could be a fish like Faith.

Another interesting heads up is to watch the Pacific, because a storm might be forming there that might move dangerously close to San Diego which if it does watch Steve Lyons wax poetic on that one! They don't hit Southern California and no that is another song I am not singing but could move that way and they are having record heat so it is possibly an interesting storm to watch in the Pacific.

But, back to the Atlantic...

Stay tuned.... Love was out to get me, that's the way it seemed...disappointment haunted all my dreams (Alma, Inez)... then I saw his face... now I'm a believer, not a trace of doubt in my mind...

Loop the Loop and see Danny winking!!

Keep the Faith!
Besos Bobbi ;)

Ps.. if this does not pan out I am going out today and getting really drunk on some good Irish Ale like Guinness or Red Murphey Whatever you call it...


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