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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sub Tropical Spinning Wheel Over Florida - Edgewater Getting Slammed

All day it sits there getting slammed on the spokes of the wheel, one line of tropical rain after another slam, banging it in the face over and over. Currently there might be sunshine.. I'd run to the market, Starbucks or your favorite yogurt joint as I don't think it's over.

Makes you wonder what the Tropical Gods have against that part of Florida?

Great satellite imagery here. Watch it spin.

Don't think other parts of Florida are not getting slammed, oh they are .. but each in a different way!

Tornado Warning in WPB area came across the wire earlier, my brother was up there but didn't see any weather. Must have been somewhere...someone saw something or they wouldn't have issued a Tornado Warning. we doing?

Was watching the radar on Jeff Master's Wundergound Playground earlier and there was a line of deep, dark, intense convection training in across the North part of the State. Hope Edgewater liked the weather it got because it may get more down the road.

Up the road or down the road.. we are all getting weather today.

Perhaps the high surf will break up the "stinky foam" that "IS NOT A RED TIDE" which is what every government official says as soon as a what looks like blooming algae or dead fish turn up in the water.

More news for the weather involved:
weather-continues-around-town/'s really wet and windy... of course it is! Mike Seidel is there (happy belated Hanukah, by the way.. owe you one) and well have you bought your AA batteries yet? Hmmmnnnn

Hurricane Season starts in just a few days... less than 2 weeks. Get ready, get set cause we are rolling towards Prime Time in the Hurricane Basin.

Special "shout out" to the Magic Bus in Miami for playing Spinning Wheel every morning on my way to work..starts by day of so spinningly ;)

Love and kisses...
Besos Bobbi

Ps..if you are looking for any tropical development... keep looking, rarely happens this time of year but where there's smoke there is fire but that's a different song for another day.


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