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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Random Thoughts of a Cluttered Mind - Hydrogen Peroxide, Bubbles & Dallas

Walgreens has Hydrogen Peroxide 3% on sale 3 for $1 with a coupon!
Good time to stock up for hurricane season.

In my house... I just went through my hurricane supplies milk carton with the extra canned food and emptied it out. There was French style string beans, peas and some canned fruit. A stray mayo fell out behind it, instant grits box and a whole bunch of C and D batteries no one wanted to steal from it. I am packing.

Okay...going to go take a shower. Am unable to think, type or wonder. Did just realize though something musically important, like the missing link. Honestly.

This is a great blog, by the way. HONESTLY!!! Beautiful pictures ;)

Taking a shower.. might come back later with wit, wisdom and want to know where my weather news friend is today... he's nowhere to be found. What do I need to do... try jumping off a building to see if he will come Save me???

Did you see the video on the Dallas Football's Bubble Bursting?? Saw some raw footage yesterday,, very dramatic.

Where was Superman then??? Huh??

Coach lucky to be alive, special coach..special lucky. Broken back though

Don't those horses look so beautiful? Love the way horses look running. Grew up by a racetrack, love race horses.

Nothing more beautiful than a beautiful horse at full gallop... getting ready to take off like the wind.

Speaking of wind... did you know it's less than a month until the Atlantic Hurricane Season?? More on my whimsical thoughts on this years crummy names another day. Another day, another dollar...

Got more boxes to to take a shower.. and go out with Sharon.

Did you know the best way to enjoy a coffee on a Sunday is to take it in the shower with you? Put it down on nice little ledge near the shower... feel the hot water on your back, sit the coffee... ahhhhhhhhhhh... wow, almost as good as watching straight line winds race through with a strong pre-frontal trough!

I want football.. badly.

Really badly.

Don't know that I can learn another whole team... learning the Red Sox was NOT easy but okay a labor of love. Maybe I can do this... no... I take it back, the Red Sox thing was like GIVING BIRTH!!!

Enjoy this little ditty... I did, not my favorite Herb song but will do for right now.

The shower and the coffee awaits!!

See ya Later Alligator
Besos Bobbi


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