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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Miami Monsoons & The Loop Current

To start off with it was a beautiful sunrise in Miami this morning. Almost quiet. One could be lured into thinking the storms of yesterday past could not be repeated today. That's not true, this is the Miami Monsoon Season ...something rarely explained to tourists ... and the air is unstable. See picture the picture above and the picture below. Note they were taken about 3 minutes apart. Note that cloud in the middle that is punching it's way up or trying to...

Yesterday at 4pm looking west:

Then it moved East and when the storm was above us and small funnel clouds were dangling from the sky it looked like this...

Miami.. in all her Monsoonal Majesty

This is what yesterday looked like around 4pm.. which was darker and wilder than it looked the first time it rained around 2pm.

Going to put up a link today and possibly every day this week that may come in handy during the Hurricane Season.

The Loop Current. Prior to the year of Katrina, Wilma and "how I lost my electric for 3 weeks" no one seemed to know nothing about the loop current. Ever since the moment a system, an undefined possible system gets near the Gulf of Mexico on a model someone screams "LOOP CURRENT" as if they sighted Moby Dick. I figure it's better for you to read now than to get scared later. I learned about it years ago while learning in oceanography how El Nino causes fishing boat wars in Peru and why the International Courts do not work well or in a timely fashion. Weather, water... it's all related in this game we called "atmospheric science."

Note how it takes that cute little dip shoots out and about and how the Gulf Stream kisses Miami? Nice... will explain that later :)

Love and kisses...

Besos Bobbi

Ps or as we like to call it peek a boo..
Nice sites that explain more:,_Florida (surf down to climate)


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