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Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday... Morning Rain and Memorial Day, Tropic Watch

So here we are trying to get used to my newest little toy and enjoy the weekend. Personally...I have a half day today and then am off for 3 and a half blessed days ;)

My youngest son just landed in New York on his way to some big, end of the year Bnei Akiva weekend. My daughter is in Central Park watching Greenday in Central Park. Another daughter down here and I will be packing and enjoying a few days off.

There's color down in the tropics this morning yet nothing is really going on. Amazes me that something could look so "real" and be soooo deceiving. I mean you see the color, you see the round circular shape and you want to scream SHARK!!! and yet it's really just a porpoise swimming around down there or a lost dolphin who can't find his way back home.. wherever home is..

No... don't believe everything you see ..because if you did.. you'd think Tropical Storm Ana is forming down there in the Carib and yet... trackers everywhere are in fact watching the Gulf of Mexico AKA GOM for development. Dream development if you ask me but hey... who am I do knock dreamers? If you look for a bigger, wider sat you will see things are popping in the BOB also known as Bay of Bengal. Don't weather and computer people just love to write in initials. As for me... I know my limits and they are the Atlantic Basin. Only so much one girl can look at one time. I'm not the one sitting there on the watch with all those nice big screens in front of me!

Got to go to work. Then... come home and hang out, shop with Sharon (should be a movie) and make dinner for Shabbos (Sweet and Sour Meatballs Southern Style over Yellow Rice.. Miami Southern haha) and gonna rest... relax, hang with my kids who will be over for dinner. Gonna read the rest of "The Shack" which was a present or a "complimentary copy" from a good friend. Nice.. kill off Missy, very strange but true. Ahh...what's in a name? Guess I'll have to read it to understand. Thank you... wherever you are...

And.... as Oceanbreeze on a message board gave a great post about my Carib Non-System I'll play a tune they referred to this morning..

thank you... and just remember... never believe everything you see or hear...

For my son Shuky and his robotical past ;)
(won Florida Regionals in his Senior Year!)

Peek a boo... besos boo :P
(rolling eyes.. boobi)

pps for jay... mother HATED this song ;) lol I always loved of my favorites!


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