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Monday, May 25, 2009

BobbiStorm Who Am I? Why Am I Here? Tropics Memorial Day...

My name is Bobbi Storm and I am a weather addict ;)

Okay, smiling but well... one does wonder sometimes on the grand, esoteric questions in the universe beyond did you or didn't you BBQ today!!

I am someone who is... "weather involved" one might say .. and was said on the record.

In less than a week the real show here begins.. the 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

During the off-season I am prone to rants, silly posts and my mind meanders places it sometimes shouldn't go. But, it's my blog and my life and life goes on as a good friend is want to say often.

I am in the process of moving from Miami to Raleigh but... I really live at Hurricane City from June through November with trips to Cyclone world on another website and I even belong to Hardcore Weather. I'm a writer. I'm a lover of history and frequently do research on tropical weather patterns and how they impact areas in the hurricane belt from a economic, demographic and historical point of view.

Example? Oh... you want an example..

Galveston was THE CITY in those parts of the world, however because a memorable, massive hurricane hit the city at just about the time that Houston was enjoying oil money and wanted to build their ship channel.... the traffic went up the ship channel and Houston became Houston as we know it and the Space Center was not built on Galveston Island where buildings are want to slip, slide away into the Gulf of Mexico. It's all in the timing. Had that hurricane not hit.. perhaps the ship channel was just a folly and a waste of a lot of money. Maybe not... it's all in timing.

Read about in the link above. An amazing hurricane. A good book too if anyone wants to read Isaac's Storm. Then again... the book doesn't tell the whole story of the feud between two brothers, one Isaac and the other his younger brother Joseph. There is always a story underneath the story like layers of an onion's skin and well maybe that is another book that is yet to be written.

I cover a storm differently than other places.. I can link to points of interest, evacuation information and links to help affected areas after the storm has passed. I show the human side of things, the historical perspective..sometimes I show the musical perspective.

I've been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, which trust me is much better than being quoted by the Washington Post and steered clear of the New York Times.

I studied meteorology in college as it related to my degree in International Revolution. How so you ask? me weather has played a big part of Russian History. It has been both their savior (Napolean) and their cross to bear in their ongoing desire for a warm water port and a way to perfect their very short growing season in the farm belt way up north of where ours is and theirs is not blessed by moisture from errant tropical waves that never get a name but water the heartland when they hit the shore running and their moisture ends up in faraway places like Oklahoma and Iowa and sometimes Wisconsin.

America is blessed with some of the best weather on the globe.. a great climate for prosperity though it dimmed a bit during the days of the Dust Bowl. You live, you learn, life goes on.

I'm friends with crazy weather kids who watch radar and satellite for days on end watching every little wave that slides off of Africa and fizzles half way to our side of the Atlantic. I had friends growing up whose fathers worked at the Hurricane Center or who flew planes into Canes. Nothing like being 8 and staring up at a picture of an eye wall taken by a neighbor's son during a Thanksgiving Dinner to get the blood racing and wondering what it must be like to really be inside a hurricane. Know a few people there now.. good friends, very good friends who have enriched my life and taught me more about hurricanes than I ever learned at FIU years ago. I also have a degree in English.. you know ... Fitzgerald, Falkner and Hemingway who was the first reporter on the scene of the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane when he took his boat the Pilar up the mangroves and discovered dead people hanging in trees and bodies of veterans tossed about on beaches and wedged into mangroves while their bodies were rotting. He wrote an amazing piece on the Hurricane that forced a Government Hearing to be held to see whether there was anything that the government could have done to protect our veterans a little better. Bottom line.. since it was a Category 5... there really was nothing you could do to stop an Act of God although they did feel really badly that those veterans who had marched on Washington years earlier died down in the Florida Keys. His article was very controversial, he was called a liar and a Marxist and the truth is probably as lost as is real data on the storm itself. A small storm the likes of which we have never really seen exactly that blew ashore across a part of the Florida Keys that is as thin as a strand of pearls strung across a Sappharie Sea. And, good old Max Perkins who usually was in charge of F. Scott Fitzgerald's stories on flappers and the lost generation ends up with a on the scene, eye witness to a hurricane by one of America's greatest authors. Go figure.. it's not what you know but who you know.

Fitzgerald wrote about weather often as well.

Most writers love weather... it's a part of the story as much as how something smells, how it looks, how it did the rain feel when it was coming down onto a crime scene washing away any traces of blood or genetic material that would tell us who the real culprit is..was... well.. you get the idea.

Lex Luthor was no dummy, he wanted to control the weather because the man...the country who controls the weather will one day control the world.

Yup.. you heard it here first. HAHA I beat Matt on this one... on a sunday night in Bobbi's life blogging her little heart out and wondering on the mysteries of the universe. I don't need you Mr. Drudge I have your music.. I can listen to Windmills of Your Mind anytime my little heart desires. Still feels like something is missing tho on Sunday nights. More fun listening to you play it than me digging through Bobbi CDs looking for the one I like best though I made an Allison whatever her name one at the old Hear Music Store on Lincoln Road that is gone..but not forgotten.

You want to read a thriller? Forget that new Stephen King novel.. put it down... go over to computer and watch a cyclone as it makes its way towards land.. will it make landfall in a tiger preserve or will it smash into Bangladesh... weather is the story but then Stephen knows that doesn't he... because he includes it in the title to his books.. often.

You still here?

Why are you here?

Why are you reading this?

Oh... you like weather too??? I see...

Well, stick around... cause in a few days the games begin and the curtain will go up on the 2009 Hurricane Season. Will it be a bad season or an easy one? Don't know but do know it all depends on where you are when the big one hits. It's all a matter of timing. Will you be in the right spot and the wrong time or the wrong spot at the right time to catch the storm??

Stay tuned.. it's the biggest drama on earth.

Other things you might want to know about me?

I like purple..and green. I love music, dancing and football. Miami Dolphins and the Boston Red Sox. I am one of those rare but beautiful Southern Jewish girls who was raised down south when Miami was still part of the South. My Grandma had an accent as strong as Miss Lillians if you remember who Jimmy Carter is.. I keep the Jewish Sabbath so I am not around from sundown Friday until Saturday after sunset. Hey, a girls got to get her beauty rest...ya know ;)

(really...we were like the ONLY family on the block NOT to have a Swamp Buggy or boat to go fishin' and huntin' in the Glades... )

Oh.. and I have a lot of kids... who live all over in various places where snow falls and where there are tornadoes and sometimes storm surge and well you just never know for sure.

Oh.......I'm also a Conch by blood, my great grandparents lived in Key West way, way, way back... a few greats... on Whitehead Street and luckily they missed any big hurricanes and luckily they went north to have my Grandma because the Spanish American War took over St. Marys and the nuns were too busy to birth any babies while the war was going on so thanks to the wonderful Mother Superior who was friends with my great grandmother my Grandma Mary (Miriam) was born and well... very old Florida, Key West, Ybor City and Quincy Florida where they grew "shade tobacco."

You still here?

Just telling you a little bit about who I am why I am here.

Why do I go to message boards and read emails from special email groups ... to be able to learn more, exchange information and to have fun.

Got this little piece of video on that was posted by Hardcore Weather.

Check it out... beautiful video of the storm that had no name... the storm that wasn't officially a depression but that dumped tons of rain and had sustained winds similar to a Tropical Depression.

Wish I was there this weekend...really, you have no idea. But, was here. Have gone weather chasin' a bit, taken some of the most incredible pics of storm surge and water spouts and well.. I can be one of the boys though usually wearing Victoria Secrets Bras and Candies High Heels... but still I am just one of the boys ;)

So... Bobbi packed for North Carolina and didn't get to go chase the storm with no name... lol.. giggling, hope someone gets this ;)

What is in a name afterall?? Good question, tried not to think on that this weekend and to just live, enjoy and remember that it really doesn't make a difference because uh huh.... you heard it here.. Life Goes On.

Keep the Faith... Bobbi Storm blogging from her bed on a nice little netmachine that weighs like 2 pounds and let's me watch the water vapor go round.

If you are still here........................note I did not say anything mean about Rob Reiner.. nothing, nope... as good as gold here. Not that I am afraid of him mind you. Nah...............angel of a man, really..salt of the earth..did I say salt, I didn't mean salt.. no ummm sunshine. Like sunshine lol... giggling.. lol can't stop giggling.



At 7:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

looking back, so funny.... wondering what i must have been driniing having a mini melt down... still halfway between north carolina and florida on any given day... if i click my heels three times i'll tell you where i really am

gosh i love weather and music and dance and words

besos bobbistorm


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