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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

61 Degrees in Miami After a Rainy Day

Poured yesterday, good old fashioned, early morning thunderstorm during drive time!! Was wild, unreal... thunder, lightning, moderate street flooding, splashing through puddles while lightning cracked across the sky.. in April, not July. Go figure..

What does that mean in relation to the 2009 Hurricane Season..don't know but trust me Miamians everywhere who are into hurricanes of the meteorological mind were wondering.

We always wonder. Heavy mango crop. Double bloom on the mango trees. Rain in April. Dry May. Give us anything to think on too long or observe and we will relate it to what this upcoming season might be like.

Then... last night, it cooled off. When I say cooled off .. I mean as in "I'm freezing" sort of cooled off. Well, when it's hot in the middle of the day in the mid 80s and the temps drop down to the 60s on a cool, northerly breeze... you feel it fast. Windows open, blue skies and feels like February.. in late April.

Wondering what that means regarding the upcoming Atlantic Hurricane Season or any Hurricane season.

This is the time of year us weather people dream of hurricanes. Unless of course you live in the mid-west and you are obsessing on Twisters.

One reason I love HurricaneCity in the off season... always there, always watching while we wonder on the Hurricane Season.

First verse, same as the first ;) going to figure out what to wear today that I can peel off around Noon when the sun comes out and it's warmer.

I am moving to North Carolina if you are wondering... later rather than sooner but I will be there in time for the Hurricane Season. Just think.. I'll have to start watching signs up there and wondering what it means when it's cool late in the winter and the flowers bloom late... well you know, where ever I go I am watching the weather!

Love and kisses...

Besos Bobbi


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