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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weather Radios & Hurricane Memories

Woke up this morning and had this one overwhelming, constant thought. "Gee, I miss the hurricane season...."

I listened to the fan blowing on me, listened to the birds outside chirping their way through some sort of fake, Florida Spring and hit the weather radio to listen to the forecast. Rain.. possible thunderstorms, possible waterspouts as a warm front moves back north over the area from the Florida Straits..

Okay, that made it worse.. I began to miss the Keys, hurricanes and even possibly Afternoon Summer Thunderstorms. Florida weather.

Okay, I don't miss the death and destruction nor do I miss the humidity and the mugginess but oh gosh do I miss hurricanes.

I've felt this coming on for the last few days... last night while watching volcanic weather reports on The Weather Channel I wondered whether you could track the ash with coordinates, daily advisories.. you know how fast the cloud is moving and in what direction. Hey, you got to be me or one of my friends to understand that but someone out there does I am sure... Yesterday, at work I said out loud really loudly (I work in a college library) to a co-worker who was teasing me about there being nothing to watch on some Dvorak Loop I said.."God, I miss Hurricanes!" The one student in the library looked up and said, "oh wow, you like hurricanes (he's new) I LOVE Hurricanes!!" Giggling... shaking my head, guess he's lived in Florida too long as he has caught the fever. Course he is young and his parents have some money and probably good hurricane shutters and insurance and he isn't worrying where to hide his newborn babies during a storm and what part of the house to hunker down in.. Ah.... youth... Ah...hurricanes........

So... here I am... it's almost April and all I can think is that for some reason it feels more like almost May. There is humidity hiding in the air here and we have had rain several times during what is usually the dry season. There is a feel in the air that severe weather may be coming and we have passed the hump of the mean season, the quiet season, the season when there are no afternoon thunderstorms, nor are there tropical storms struggling their way across the Atlantic trying to hold onto enough intensity to make it to where the water is warmer and where they can erupt into a fully grown, swirling, hurricane.

The weather radio is mumbling the following observations around the State. At Naples, mostly cloudy, 70 degrees. At Jacksonville fog was recorded, temperature 48 degrees. Gee, they got winter up there...but not down here where the AC is calling my name and I am trying to ignore it.. just as I am trying to ignore so much these days as I have no time to do all the things I need to do before Passover, before moving away, before figuring out how North Carolina Hurricanes work and how I am going to organize my hurricane stuff into "isolated funnel clouds" oh wow.............wish I had a good camera. I really, really, REALLY wish I had a good camera. I need one that has a large enough display that I can see the picture and a good zoom.. "wind gusts up to 40 or 50 mph"

Oh wow, lions and tigers and bears oh my... Twisters, Hurricanes... oh wow.

If you want to hear the following phrases in the background of your life... run right out to your local Target and buy one and you too can hear the following phrases and get warning if a possible tornado or water spot develops if you live in Florida, Jacksonville is excluded.

Or if you are a jogger...

"high in the mid-80s"
"showers and possibly thunderstorms will increase over ..."
"isolated funnel clouds or possible waterspouts"
"increasing instability"
"a frontal boundary will move north over Florida Bay towards the South Florida"
"a few thunderstorms could produce winds up to 40 mph"
"spotter activation may be needed"

Run, Buy, Listen may save your life or your sanity, which ever comes first!

In case you have forgotten what hurricanes look like... here's a few from memory lane on my computer... mixed in, interspersed with my children, grandchildren and wedding pictures ;)

Love and kisses...and possible twisters,
Besos Bobbi

Good Wave!!


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