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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Space Shuttle Sunday Night At Sundown

Strange time for the shuttle to take off and an official "night launch" but it was really just after sunset. Because of the angle of the sun lit up the vapor trail and provided an amazingly beautiful launch visible across most of Florida on a clear, dry, Sunday night with a strong high hanging tight over the State.

So.... usually a night launch just provides us with a glimpse of a bright light vanishing fast into the heavens and... daytime launches are only visible on TV from here but this launch... was just perfect for viewing across the area.

We watched on the TV and one daughter stood on the front porch that faces north and screamed when she saw it and we all ran out and watched it for what seemed a really long time before it disappeared into the far heavens above. But...the vapor trail became illuminated by the sun turning pink and coral and then lavender. One big burst shot off a large white round ball that the winds began to disperse and that cloud just hung there glowing in the dark night as if the moon was behind it but the moon was nowhere to be seen.


One of those you had to be there in the right spot at the right time with just the right weather to be able to view it..and we did. And, it seemed so close to North Miami as if it was just up in Ft. Lauderdale or was shot off from Port Everglades or West Palm Beach. Hard to believe that we could see so much of it from so far away.

Otherwise... we have Comcast hooked up again at the house. Our internet was out. Took days, get them to fix it. We still don't have the network up and running but hopefully tomorrow. So... owe ya'll some great pics of Pear trees in bloom from Raleigh where I spent Purim and am back in the land of mangoes growing big out on the tree in the backyard and thinking it's gonna be a Passover when we can have avocado salad dressing and mango ice cream!

Listening to Today's Country and trying to catch up with paperwork and life.


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