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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Southernmost Point Guest House in Key West - E. H. Gato, Jr. House

This is a photo blog today of my trip on Sunday down to old Key West so I could watch the sun rise out of the paraphrase a great song.

There is no place like Key West and I have been to a lot of places. I've watched the sunset from Santa Monica Pier and watched the sunrise in Miami but nowhere does it rise finer or more majestically than in Key West. And, sometimes...often..on those cloudy mornings it rises in some sort of cloaked, muted manner. Like a Monet painting... quietly a cloudy sky turns colors only seen painted by God or the masters of the Impressionist period in Art.

Key West is all about impressions.. colors, scents all combine and tantalize the senses.

A man sitting and eating with friends at the Kosher Restaurant Mam's Best Food on Petronia described Key West to a friend as "Gritty grubby slimy insane and yet beautiful" and he was so right. Depends on what street you are on and only the native pretend want to be Conchs get to see the grimy and gritty usually. I'm part Conch so I know where all the hidden hideaways are that the tourists on Duval Street never seem to see. I mean seriously you can get drunk anywhere, there is so much more to do in Key West.

So... understand.. part of the trip is in the getting there. The drive across the ocean, down through towards the Florida Straits ..south towards Cuba, halfway between Havana and the Main Land. If you like to look at water... it's an orgasmic view.

It was dark, windy and wet..just the way I like Key West best.. at it's most moodiest! Soon the sun came out, it always does in Key West.. just got to wait a few hours at the most.

Checked in at Mona's incredible Bed and Breakfast. Pays to have good friends in good places and Mona is a good friend and a woman who has lived life well and richly. She has loved, she has worked hard and she is one of the most amazing women I ever met. I interviewed her for a story and she has been one of my Key West Guardian Angels ever since.

Check it out... she gave me the Hemingway room... duh ;) as she had a cancellation and had it available to let me use... unreal. I floated in the large Jacuzzi pool and stared up at the butterflies flying about next door at the beautiful, but over priced butterfly museum place.

So..enjoy the pics..they tell the story. I needed a day away before I started really getting down and dirty and cleaning up for Passover. My husband is in Raleigh this week so it really didn't matter if I was alone in Miami or Key West and hoping we get to go down in a few weeks when he comes back. Mam's won't be open for Passover this year she said but she will before and after...stop and sit under an umbrella covered Table tucked away on Petronia and have a snack or a steak or just an Israeli Fruit Juice and feel the breeze and the beauty of old Key West.

You get the idea... I'll post a link maybe to my facebook account with more pics later but for now..this was and is Key West.

Gotta go to see my Aunt who is ill in the hospital place and get to work on South Beach which is beautiful but NOT Key West ;) Nothing is...

Love and kisses...Besos Bobbi

Mam's Best Food of Key West 405 Petronia Street Key West, FL 33040

If you are walking down to Blue Heaven you'll pass it. If you get to Blue Heaven and they are nasty, make you sit too long in the garden waiting for a table and want to try some heavenly food...give Mam's a chance. It's quite affordable, quite delicious and like nothing you have ever had unless you frequent Israeli Steakhouses..with any main course she will bring you little dishes filled with freshly made Israeli salads and pita bread while your main course is being prepared.


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