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Monday, December 15, 2008

Worlds Of Winter Weather Shoes

Bright cheery morning in Miami. The Dolphins won and almost everything is right in the world. That is what we call a Miami Dolphin Monday :)

It's good. Sort of blots out the bad in the world for just a few hours and tastes good still like good coffee or fine wine.

While trying to watch the radar loops I kept getting distracted with some ad from L.L. Bean... shake the little snow globe and it keeps showing these um... ugly looking slippers and am thinking WHY would anyone want to wear those?? The thought suddenly hit me. Winter Bobbi, duh... winter! It's so far from my thought of consciousness that it's hard to imagine people have to bundle up to go out into the cold to work. I've lived up north, I have done it. Trust me there is nothing like transferring on the corner of Empire Blvd. and Flatbush across from Prospect Park as a cold front is passing through Brooklyn and the ice is frozen, the trees are bare and winter is very in your face. In Miami, I struggle with the AC at work turned on so cold it feels like it's about to snow. But..outside, it's going to be 81 degrees and partly cloudy.

These are your winter shoes if you live far north of the Mason Dixie Line:

If you live in my neck of the woods THESE are my winter shoes:

So...the map looks like this:

Tropical in Miami but across the rest of the nation it looks like God draped a turquoise necklace across the United States. Pretty pink beads sort of dangling from the turquoise. Cold weather somewhere, but not here today. The boat parade had picture perfect weather, the party had picture perfect weather and today on the "busiest mailing day of the season" we will have nice weather in Miami to get those packages to the post office. Julie in a nice blue shirt is explaining how the front is not going to get down here and "we will stay mainly warm and dry as high pressure is firmly in control." (She talks faster than I do, wow...)

In Miami I am wearing my winter sandals. That means..they are black. Summer sandals white, winter sandals black.

Now you know how we do the seasons in Sunny Miami ;)

Enjoy your weather, your shoes, your warm socks and your favorite boots where ever you are this morning.

Be well.. besos bobbi!

Ps..while talking on shoes... I'm impressed, I didn't know President Bush could duck like that! The man's got great instincts! Could you duck that fast? No deer in the headlights moments from George W!


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