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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Miami Dolphins Play on Cool Breezy Sunday & NFL Fox Sunday Weather

I have rain flowers all over my lawn, it almost looks like snow. I ventured outside a few minutes ago and snacked these pics. Miami's version of a snow covered yard...

up close and personal with the butterfly...

A far cry from the ice storm up in New England this weekend.

Personally speaking I am sort of recuperating from the big party last night for my very beautiful, brilliant daughter-in-law who had a surprise birthday party. Yup... my son flew in her mother, sister an aunt... well the whole family was there, all the Meyer kids and almost Meyer kids, some Apple.. Turnberry, there was a very nice interesting bartender from Columbia, Cali Columbia. The palm trees swayed and looked very tropical in the moonlight reflecting off the water on the bay and the sushi was good, I drank Scotch, the salmon was good too... it was nice. She was surprised ..or she said she was surprised. I know she knew something was up but not that. Either way... was good hanging with my family, the guys, my cousin and his kids and giving thanks for all I have in my life.

So, recuperating from the party and the cold which I am still trying to kick though its more bronchitis than a cold and lying in bed watching the Miami Dolphins play and thinking how lucky Jillian Barberie is to be able to do the weather for Fox NFL Sunday. I mean really... people ask me all the time "Don't you want to work for TWC?" and I'm like "noooooo" but wow Jillian gets to go on, dress up, give the weather for the footballs games and talk to JJ :) and Bradshaw.. wow, now THAT is cool...

I just heard on the pre-game warm up show while interviewing Don Shula about the wonderful turnaround for the Fins this year compared to last year.. Shula said, "last year, well that was a disaster!"

Weather and sports.. nothing like it when you are spending Sunday in bed trying to get over a cold and talking to friends and family on line.

Fins scored ;)

One of the guys told me last night.. "Bobbi, you got to go where life takes you..." which was very profound really. Another one of the guys looked up and said, "yeah, but not til the Dolphin Season is over!" ;)

Priorities and wisdom on a moonlit night by Biscayne Bay.

Now that is a very cool job!

( I adore Jimmy Johnson )

Go Fins!


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