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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dolphin's Win!! I Love Joey Porter ;)

Sparano says to Joey Porter coming out onto the field after half time and reminds him we need him now. Joey Porter tells him "I'm a closer" and Sparano smiles in the post game press conference telling over the story and says "he was right!"

Joey Porter stood on that field today listening to Miami Dolphin fans on and off the field, there at the game and at home all begging him in their minds to "DO SOMETHING!" Somewhere mixed in with "oh please let the Fins win this game" there were a million people somewhere in Miami saying "come on Joey Porter DO SOMETHING!" and............... he did. He did.

Joey Porter closed the game today. On a 4th down he reached in and did his thing and sacked the quarterback. It was wild. It was electric! It was exciting and I love him!

And, most of all to see him celebrate or jazzed up on the field the way he did (helmet or not.. ) made ya proud, made us all proud.

Miami has a defense. We have not allowed a touchdown in 3 games. We tackle, we blitz, we sack. Unreal. So real!

Great game... San Fran spent so much time on the field and came up with so little. Miami's offense was on the field barely at all yet the defense hung in there. Time of possession does not always win the game. Defense does it seems as my father always told me even when I argued the value of a high flying offense. Defense wins games.

Joey Porter put that game away today and all of Miami loves him. Great coach, great team. A really great team strong in so many ways.

I said it months back... it was definitely possible that the Dolphins Wildcats could very possibly get into the Playoffs with a Wild Card position yet.. now it's possible we could win the division.. Go Friggin Figure..

Oh wow... so.. this is what football is all about. It is a lesson you take in life. You can be down 1-15 one year and with the right coach, the right players... you can end up 9-5 the following year and in the hunt for a play off spot.

You don't give up. You learn from your mistakes. You work as a team. You "do what you got to do" to win.

And, there is a drama to football, a karma that unfolds. Favre goes to the Jets and Pennington loses his job. Pennington comes to Miami and gets a job... a BIG job and takes it and makes it his own and slowly this drama unfolds where we all wonder can the whole season come down to Dolphin Jets game where they battle it out once again.

Time will tell but for now Sparano's boys need to win next week's game before we worry on that Jets one.
(caught his first TD)


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