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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Will the Wild Cat Formation Get the Miami Dolphins a Wild Card Slot?

You just never know.. there's something about the Dolphins this season that is making me believe again that anything is possible.

Not much tropical to talk about but it did rain at the Dolphin game as a result of moisture hanging around the frontal boundary but hey.. blue skies are beginning to shine again as the Fins Win and make it 2 in a row meaning... we have a winning streak!

To the fans of the Miami Dolphins this was like a Category Two Hurricane spinning wildly through the Caribbean and about to break Category Three Status.

This is big! This is major! This is news.. and I am happier than I thought I could be this season or this lifetime.. again ;)

Let's look around the web and see what people were saying and are saying about the Dolphin's game with San Diego.

First we have the Miami Herald, trying to be cool and rational and not assume they could use the Wild Cat formation two weeks in a row and win with it!

Well, this article was WRONG... seems they can and did rely on the option of the Wild Cat so much so today that I heard announcers referring to them as the Miami Dolphin Wildcats ;)

Go figure.. it wasn't a fluke! Lightning can hit twice!

From the San Diego Paper:

"Nothing Fishy about Dolphins"

"Brown hot again as Dolphins stun chargers"

I knew they should win when they held the Chargers on that fourth down play. That was awesome. I screamed. Even I couldn't believe they did that. When Ronnie Brown started dancing with his team mates in the end zone like they were College Players hyped with a win over the old rival except this was just another team, not some big rival but the Fins were playing with their heart and soul and as my brother emailed me, they came to play. They played tough and hard football. Like some cross between an great old college team and some old great NFL team. They didn't give up.

They faked, they ran, they passed and when all else failed they manage to get a first down on a interception call. Even last chance measures worked and when things are working well they are working wonderful.

Was a wild game. Wild Cat formation works just fine for a team that is coming together on many levels and has depth again and fine coaching.

Let the return kick guy work as a receiver. Let Ronnie Brown pass a few. Pennington plays carefully. This is a team that is rocking steady and whether in the rain or in the sun they are playing like the old Miami Dolphins.

My 14 year old son who doesn't have many memories of the Fins being a winning team texted me during the game from his friends house with every play.

Best text of the day was "Its like their not the dolfins"

They do to me... they look like the Dolphins I always loved and always will. Love comes again this year in 2008 and wondering how many games we will win and what our impossible chances are for even making it into the Wild Card Slot using the Wild Cat Formation :)

Who knows? Sometimes dreams do come true ;) if you only believe...


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