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Friday, October 03, 2008

Weekend Tropical Roundup..

Not a whole lot going on...

There is an area under investigation by the NHC but it's a sort of long range, watching it on satellite, if it improves we will raise the orange flag but for now a big, wide yellow circle in the SW Carib.

Yellow... for slow down, you move to fast... the flow over the top of the area of convection is moving too fast, got to make the convection last.. just conga down the cobblestones, looking for fun and feeling groovy. Giggling. Boy does Yellow forever remind me of Peter. It's even that sort of pale yellow. Not exactly a color that screams "Hurricane on the 11 PM News!" More for entertainment purposes only...

Check it out at NHC Central.


I see it. It's there. I also see strong winds zooming over it and making it awfully hard to get anything going.

Something formed the other day, looked good and was blown away. Why will this area be any different is what I want to know. I think we are going zonal... seasonal, think the hurricane season is getting away from us but maybe I'm speaking too fast. Have to watch a bit longer before I can say that for sure. An October storm.. yeah, an November one.. probably but think the real heat is off and oddly there is still activity in the Epac. I am almost wondering if El Nino is hiding somewhere, lurking around somewhere.

Down near South America is a nice Westbound Wave that I think may cross over into the Pacific and do something there.

A Mid-Atlantic Wave being blown apart by a beautiful upper level low. If we had a hurricane as strong as that upper level low.. we'd have a tropical show going on.

Another wave far out that even the Canadian model is having problems really developing.

Boy, you know it's a slow day when the Canadian model looks blech..

As for me.. going to work. Going to go watch the parrots fly and get some Starbucks to start my day, back on my diet, High Holiday Sweet Days over. Gonna make soup for dinner, and pick up some Hummus at the CVS on Lincoln Road, get some veggies at a bodega somewhere on Washington with a shot of Cuban Coffee and cannot wait for the weekend to read, relax and plan out the next few weeks of my complicated but fun life.

This is my shabbos reading... gonna curl up out on a lawn chair in the backyard and read a printed copy of this.. it's a keeper. I love MJO info almost as much as I love Java Joe...

Thank God It's Friday ...

Will update if I see some need to...

Have a great one.. Bobbi

Bradford S. Barrett, Lance M. Leslie, great names.. great minds, great alliteration. I should do some writing over the weekend. Real writing, been coming down with it all week like a bad case of the measles. Words and phrases keep weaving their way into my mind.. like when you want to go Pier One and it nags at you that something is there if only you go take a look.


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