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Monday, October 13, 2008

Tropical Trouble In the Carib Again. And, Rain in Miami & on the Lakes of Miami Beach

Been a long day.... and it's far from over...

Woke up this morning to a threatening sky and jumped a jitney downtown for a rendezvous at Bayside. Went through a torrential, tropical downpour complete with flooded streets and thunder and lightning. Sipped a cup of coffee, wrote and watched the boats bob about in the Bay. Got to Miami Beach on the S Bus. The nice lady driving the bus looked at me when I told her I wanted to get off at Wild Oats and let me off in the middle of the block so I could wade my way down Alton Road trying to stay dry.

There was a small river running down the East Side of the street where high grass looked like the banks of a canal somewhere along the turnpike. Luckily, the water had not gotten so high that it was possible to get into Wild Oats. The lady at the register said she was happy as two weeks ago it made it up to her register. Does anyone get the idea that possibly there are just too many people on South Beach, too much new construction and the sewer system is not able to take it? Something is definitely wrong there.... Bought my stuff, got some good coffee and waited in the drizzle for the next S Bus to come and watched sweet old ladies trying to stay dry from the rain and away from the curbside puddles. Sweet lady, looked at me and shrugged and shook her head like it was just another part of living down here in this picturesque paradise.

Then Nana came and went. Not the old lady but the Storm... as predicted it fell apart.

Then 15 popped and looks primed to be Omar and to intensify. A storm watch has been posted for Puerto Rico as it is close by. It is supposed to catch a train to the NE out of the Carib if and I do mean IF the models play out. A very typical November track but in October again making me feel we are several weeks ahead of the year.

Paloma is hiding near the Central American coast if that too develops though where it would go is unclear.

Here's the pic... you see what you think.

Poor Puerto Rico, what is next for them this year?

In Florida a front is draped across the region making rain and making my Sukkoth wet (the little Jewish Tiki Booths we make this time of year for our holiday when we eat outside unless it's raining)..and threatening to make us eat inside for dinner. Hoping not, making chicken with Polynesian Sauce, CousCous, Vegetables, Soup, Gefilte Fish, Babaganush, Hummus and Fresh Salad for dinner with Challah and Wine (good merlot) so rain, rain go away come again another day.

Went shopping with Sharon at Publix for those last minute extra purchases, another soda, another hummus and came out to a crime scene. Stuck in the rain AGAIN, under the awning with a bunch of people trying to stay safe from the cops and the rain. 16 cop cars descended on Publix on 8th Avenue and 163rd Street for yet another day in the hood. Cops in bullet proof vests clutching their gun ran past as the entire parking lot filled up with rain and various types of cop cars like a segment of Smokey and the Bandit and then they came out with this kid... sort of semi hoodlum looking kid and semi lost student being caught skipping school. Took 4 cops to get him into the cop car, with his NMB Sr. High ID flying in the breeze or rather the rain. Then they laid out yellow tape everywhere, just behind Sharon's car and up and down 8th Avenue all the way to 163rd Street. Fire Rescue came, under cover cops, NMB cops. The nice guy in the yellow rain coat walked us out to the car which was about 4 feet from the yellow tape and loaded our groceries into the car. There is NOTHING on it in the news. SIXTEEN COP CARS! it wasn't a movie.. seriously, I would know. Just another day in the Hood in NMB and a semi-normal trip to Publix! LOL. I'm sure that's normal.

Life in Miami is always like a cross between CSI Miami and Miami Vice, really...

Then again I live in a state where they are debating on putting the peacocks on birth control. Really... honest. And, Peta worries on Kapores and Postville. Here little peacock, we got a small little candy pill for you... Good thing they haven't tried to put the parrots on South Beach on the pill...

So.. stay tuned and keep watching the tropics if you live in the Virgin Islands or Mexico or who knows... it's 2008, almost 2009 and we are still in the hurricane season.

Still tracking after all these years...

As for me.. I won't be around the next few days as I am going offline for the Jewish Holiday of Sukkos.

Watch for good local info on the possible Paloma or Omar, sure sounds like we are making a Rudolph Valentino movie here in the tropics.

Love you all, thanks for hanging in there and reading my blog and wading your way through the prose and the water on South Beach ;)

It's the whole truth, trust me.. I couldn't make this stuff up!!

Besos Bobbi and Happy Sukkos

Mendy made it.. even sort of decorated with the croton plants ;)


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