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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tropical Storm Nana Forms So Far Away in the Atlantic

Nana formed this afternoon in the far distant Atlantic with a long winded discussion from the NHC that was almost hard to follow. Sounds almost apologetic.

"although the convective organization of the area of low pressure
located over the eastern Atlantic has degraded some this
afternoon...the system has maintained sufficient convection for a
long enough period to consider it a tropical cyclone. During the
afternoon...the center of the cyclone has become exposed well to
the west of the large area of deep convection due to westerly
shear. An ascat overpass from 12z indicated maximum winds of 30-35
kt. Given the typical low bias of this instrument...the cyclone is
declared a tropical storm...the fourteenth of the 2008 season. The
long-term survival of Nana seems bleak as strong upper-level
westerlies are forecast to continue. All the intensity guidance
shows weakening and so does the official forecast. The official
forecast shows Nana degenerating into a remnant low in about 48
hours...but it would not be surprising if it occurred sooner."

That's from's site...

Did this really start with a small "A" or is part of it missing one? All in CAPS on my cellphone on seahorse emails. Do forecaster's at the Hurricane Center forget to capitalize the first word in sentences? Can't imagine they do ... Probably some quirk in the wunderground world of weather. ;)

Oh Lord... what can I say?

Here today... gone tomorrow? Or will it sneak further west under the radar?

Stay tuned.... As the Weather World Turns!



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