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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wherefore Art Thou Kyle? (Come on time to get real here)

Wherefore art thou Kyle and more important where are you going...??

Quick thoughts on a fast coffee break.

I think it's time to give it a name or at least a Tropical Depression Number...

Don't you think it's time now? What are we waiting for?

Models take this system north (eventually) and sling shot it around a building Noreaster and possibly into the Mid-Atlantic States like some New Age Long Island Express.. ala 1938 except it would be Kyle 2008!

Could happen.. not all that far fetched when you look at the fetch of tropical moisture out there and the current patterns and possibilities.

Time to get on with life here and start issuing advisories again...

(hit forward... )

GFDL Model that has favored son status hits Long Island. Maybe it's a fish... maybe, could be.. time will tell but for now it's time to call a storm a storm and give it a name.

Besos Bobbi ... back to work, yummy coffee ...

Great coffee place on 41st Street on Miami Beach


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