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Friday, September 12, 2008

Freighter Antalina Stuck In the Storm While Trying to Evacuate the Port... Newslinks as Ike Makes Landfall

This is a picture of the 580 foot freighter that was trying to evacuate the Port of Houston when their engine failed and they became one of the first early stories of possible tragedy from Hurricane Ike.

The coast guard sent out a chopper to try and rescue them but the winds got too strong. 80 knot winds and they were 20 minutes from the ship and could not get to it.... so the Antalina is stranded in 20 to 30 foot seas. 22 crew members riding out the storm on the ship talking to the Coast Guard and hopefully they will make it through the storm.

Watch continuing coverage:

Good local coverage in the link above. Story on Vinces's of many that flow into the ship channel that is beginning to flood.

Fire on Galveston Island. Boat storage and repair company on fire.. fire department is unable to get in there. Concern on diesel supplies stored there.

Also video of Neil Frank doing an update for those who remember Neil well..

Live Online:

Video of flooding in Cameron Parish:

Ike... about to make land:


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