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Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike Floods Galveston Beach - Bahama Blob Brewing This Weekend For Florida?

I have been asked by so many people who went on to look at Ike and hit the wrong floater and said, "WHATS THAT?" concerning the blob to the east of Florida. It does exist. The NHC is able to track two things at the same time and we are watching it. If it develops into a Depression advisories will begin and it's track is indeed towards Florida. is supposed to be weak and whether it is from Josie or a different wave, by whatever name they name it.. if they name it... we will hear all about it even if CNN is covering Ike.. the local channels will cover both.

That said... Massive story and am sure many wanted to stay to witness history, sure it won't live up to it's hype and press releases and took that chance if their homes were built well and not on the beach. Many can survive there this storm depending where they live but there will be much damage. Safest to leave... this is not the same set up as Katrina and Galveston is an low, lying island but it is not a bowl like the areas that flooded in Katrina in Nola.

Mesmerizing to watch ... I'm watching.

I am also watching Ike's crescent shaped eye and trying to figure out how it is supposed to hit "possibly a Category 3 status" but suppose anything is possible.

Keep watching, I am... we are witnessing history in the making.. not on the level of the Great 1900 storm but on a massive geographic scale that is not getting coverage because we all want to see Galveston... honest, it stirs the mind with visions of historical splendor and destruction.

Be well and safe.. Bobbi

13 million people in 142 counties are supposed to be affected as Ike comes onshore according to just released US Census figures.. mind boggling.


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