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Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike Now 110 Winds

Hurricane Ike has strengthened to 110 mph winds and could intensify a little more before landfall but it has not yet hit Cat 3.. there is time but the infamous window is closing.

His eye is not completely closed off and has gone through several recent changes that account probably for the stronger winds. The outer wall fell away and the inner wall took over making it look as if it is baking up away from landfall but in fact it is moving between wnw and nw near 13 mph.

I wanted to post this link for a good blog from ABC13 in Houston. People are posting information on it and you really get the feel for what Ike is like in the Greater Houston area.

They are doing a great job, as are most the channels but at some point you have to pick one channel and go with it.

Galveston doesn't have the only seawall, here is a story about a seawall in Beaumont Texas that could be threatened.

Perhaps at 8 PM the storm will be upgraded. Time will tell and the NHC will publish it's story.

Your source for the bottom line on Ike.

Gotta go.. Good Shabbos and pray for the best not the worst to happen.
If he comes in during low tide that would be a blessing of sorts, a small one.

Besos Bobbi


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