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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

93 Looks Weak Tonight.. Will It Ever Be Kyle? Maybe Laura?

Okay... good call by the NHC on the system which I think is now south of Hispaniola but we will find out one of these days when it emerges out into the water and forms into a real storm.

I do think it was a Tropical Depression or even a storm a day or two ago but it has rained itself out and been torn up by friction with high mountains after a painfully slow track that makes Fay and Gustav's stay over Hispaniola seem like a speedy Gonzalez.

This morning 93 looked great and this evening it has deteriorated into an ill formed, cluster of convection and stormy weather. Like polka dots or a connect the dots game.

It's one big band has now reformed and is slapping Puerto Rico a second time as if it was the tail of an angry alligator! It has an almost dragon like look on some sats.

What can I say good about it? It has a big round moisture pocket that can fill back in if it reforms.

It's as if it's afraid to come out of the water.. afraid the steering currents will want to take it back north over Haiti and the Dominican Republic and doesn't want to play anymore. As Jim points out on the Tropical Update the upper level environment is beginning to become better, shear lower... let's see how it does over night.

Beginning to wonder if Kyle is elsewhere and this sits down there long enough it becomes Laura. A pretty Laura unsure where to go or what to do who just wants to lounge on the beach in her pretty yellow bikini..

There is a wave further to the east and the great nor'easter we are waiting to see form ... maybe that could get a name? Do they name Nor'easters and if not ..why not? Why can't we call that one Kyle and this one Laura?

I wonder... it's been a long day and I am prone to wondering at the end of a long day.

I wonder why I can't be in North Carolina with my boyfriend watching the Nor'easter blow through on Shabbos. If I win the lotto tomorrow night.. you know where to find me lol.

It's Miami, it's hot and sort of strangely rainy and I am fighting off a cold or something with half the population down here.

As for this season.. I have a few private thoughts that I will keep to myself for now as they are hiding in the water with the center of 93. But, this whole season has seemed a month too early. We had Cape Verde Waves in June and July yet few in August and September. We have Nor'easter forming early and the Tornado season was off as well. I'm wondering if this season will end early and fast with maybe a few late storms when the MJO comes back to it's home field advantage.

Jim Williams did a good update, give it a look and think on it:
Worth watching...

We'll see. Time will tell. NHC was right to hold off... I'll give them that but with a name or without a name this system known as 93 did plenty of damage and was just another in a list of storms that battered Puerto Rico and Hispaniola with rain, floods and tropical misery.

Maybe it's a kind system and is afraid to come out of the water and do any harm.

Right now.. it's sort of an almost naked wave with only a few strong dots on satellite imagery where the convection and the center remain. Red dots on AVN, Yellow on Funktop.

You connect the dots and you decide where the center is and in the meanwhile.. donate food, clothes or money to the relief effort for Haiti that needs so much more than clothes, food and water but we can't bring back the babies who died or the parents who were washed away leaving orphans.. all we can do is try to give what we can and hope that no more systems will get stuck over Hispaniola this year.

Sorry to bring you down.. this should cheer you up.. enjoy, donate and give thanks for all you have... Bobbi


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