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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gustav Limping Along WNW at 3 mph

Short post that I will update later.

Gustav had a really hard day. Recon had problems finding his center at one point I believe though he's there, he has a pulse, it's just weak. Imagine the poor thing is exhausted.

Limping along at NEAR 3 mph with winds of 50 mph. And, trust me that speed of THREE mph is a forecasted movement. He still is stalled down there more drifting to the west than anything else.

And, a weak system will drift west. And, am surprised he hasn't drifted WSW myself.

Pressures to the north though are not all that high, have to tell you. Not talking 30.00. Earlier today pressure in Hallandale was Pressure: 29.74 in / 1007.0 hPa (Falling)
Heat Index: 96 °F / 35 °C

That's a high? Excuse me but what does a Low look like?

This is far from over and far from her time schedule from yesterday which had him over West Cuba today with a date with destiny in the Gulf and now he can't get himself up off the coast of Haiti.

But, he will... he will. He has nice banding and he has a nice tight little center and the models like him, they really like him.

So..stay tuned to see how this plays out but if you live anywhere to the North or NW or W or Gustav, or even NE of Gustav I wouldn't write him off as going to Nola or Houston. Not yet.

Besos Bobbi
Ps.. maybe he will have a better day tomorrow.. or tonight...


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